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Author Support & Sales Representative // Tablo Publishing

Tablo is a new generation of book publishing company. We're the most author-friendly publishing company in the world, where new and successful authors can create their books, publish globally, and build their careers.

Since 2013 we've been working to reinvent the publishing industry. We achieve this through the world's best book creation platform, where publishing a real printed book is as easy and as accessible as publishing a video on YouTube, or a blog on SquareSpace. With the click of a button, a global distribution network will publish your books to 40,000 retailers, then print and ship each copy anytime a book is sold, with the best royalty terms available to authors.

Tablo is seeking a new member of its team to help with customer experience and sales for authors. In this role you will:
  • Help authors learn about the Tablo product, and help them achieve their publishing goals.
  • Work directly with authors to simplify the publishing process, and consult on their opportunities.
  • Build relationships with customers over email, phone and live chat.
  • Guide new authors down a path to become published authors and convert to customers.
  • Help to build documentation, and the foundations for new support members.
  • Providing an outstanding customer experience that always exceeds expectations
Tablo's team is small, but growing quickly. In this role you'll have an opportunity to take ownership and make decisions around support and sales practices, and become a core part of our team.
Our ideal candidate will have:
  • At least 5 years of customer support and sales experience.
  • A high level of empathy, and a caring, supportive tone with customers that lets you explain complicated problems with simple and engaging language.
  • Great problem solving skills with technology that allow you to solve a broad range of customer queries efficiently, and with confidence.
  • An interest in books and publishing (no publishing industry experience necessary).
  • A high level of empathy, and a caring, supportive tone with customers.
If you think you’re the perfect fit for this role, please submit a CV and cover letter before 6pm on Friday August 30th. Oh, and if you really want to impress, send us a short 3 minute video as your cover letter. Email to apply.
Applications close 6pm Friday August 30th.
We look forward to hearing from you! Team Tablo

Community Lead, Creative Enterprise Portfolio

Community Lead, Creative Enterprise Portfolio
  • VPS 5.1
  • Fixed-term to 31 December 2021
  • Full-time
  • A rare and exciting opportunity to be part of StartSpace, a new coworking venture supporting Victoria’s early stage entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their business journey. You will take the lead on managing the new coworking space, acquiring new members and managing day-to-day relationships with existing community members.
About us:
State Library Victoria is the State’s premier reference and research library, the hub of state-wide information and communication network, and a gateway to the world’s information. The State Library is Australia's busiest public library with a collection of over 4.9 million items and a diverse range of exhibitions and programming for all Victorians. As the knowledge and digital economies develop, access to the right information, skills and opportunities will be more important than ever for our communities.
About the role:
StartSpace is the new coworking space for emerging entrepreneurs, situated within State Library Victoria and opening in spring 2019. The new role of Community Lead will be responsible for development of the StartSpace membership and coworking community, ensuring a positive, practical and supportive environment as they pursue their business goals. The Community Lead will bring their experience of coworking environments and membership programs to the role, driving the acquisition of new members and looking after the day-to-day needs of members in the coworking space. The role will work closely with a dedicated team to ensure that the business development needs of members inform the development of the public events program and related services. State Library Victoria promotes a workplace that actively seeks to welcome and value the unique contributions of all people. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, LGBTIQ+ people, and people of all ages and abilities to apply for this role.

Startup Program Specialist

There’s a certain feeling you get from working at Monash University. It’s the feeling that you’re a part of something special. Something significant. So if you’re looking for the next chapter in your career, it’s here. You’ll be given the opportunity to challenge yourself, build on your skills, and make a significant contribution to a workplace that’s filled with energetic and inspiring people. Talent thrives here – and so do truly satisfying careers.

About the Generator
The Generator, Monash University’s central startup hub, is built on the belief that great startups create real value in the world. As Australia’s largest university, Monash has untapped access to brilliant young minds fixated on changing the world. Just three years in, the Generator program is young but punches above its weight. With several startups supported to multi-million dollar valuations, and the online and offline community doubling each year, The Generator is just getting started. If you’re looking for an opportunity to shape the future generation of startup founders, and transform the role of a university in supporting startups, this is it.
The Opportunity
The Startup Program Specialist is a new role created to find, support and grow startup talent at Monash. This will include overseeing the core startup programs - The Accelerator and The Validator and managing a growing talent pipeline. A day in the life of the role will include; 1) meeting with emerging founders and teams, 2) connecting founders and teams to opportunities that will advance their startups (investors, education, mentors), 3) co-designing and facilitating startup programs, events and workshops, 4) hands on mentoring and advice. This is a senior and strategic position in the Generator team, giving you influence over the development of our programs, development of systems and networks to support founders and startups (operations), and overseeing the talent pipeline (from ideation to scale, to alumni of our accelerator program). In this role, you’ll be supervising the Program Coordinator who will work closely with you to support programs, reporting and developing the talent pipeline.
About You
You’re obsessed with startups - and have earned your startup stripes either founding your own, and/or working in an early stage startup - so you understand the ropes. Growth and curiosity are core values that you live by - you’re constantly consuming incredible content (articles, podcasts, courses, etc) to take your startup knowledge and personal development to the next level. You love to share this knowledge, telling others about resources that could help them. You’re also a connector, constantly introducing people to each other for support and guidance. You’ve got an intuitive sense of what people need, and know when to nurture, and when to give a little tough love. You believe that mastering the art of listening is the key to being an incredible communicator. You’re super efficient and effective - and your startup experience has made you an expert at prioritising tasks, and executing fast. You love adopting technology to capture value and make life easier. Most importantly, you care a lot about people and you’re relentlessly driven to help. From sharing helpful content, to teaching a new skill, to getting founders on track to building a successful startup - you thrive on supporting people through their journey of growth. This role is a full-time position; however, flexible working arrangements may be negotiated. At Monash University, we are committed to being a Child Safe organisation. Some positions at the University will require the incumbent to hold a valid Working with Children Check. Your application must address the selection criteria. Please refer to "How to apply for Monash Jobs".
Mrs. Helena Fern, Entrepreneurial Program Manager, The Generator, Monash Innovation, +61 3 9902 4475

Product Marketer

2.5 Billion people read the news online. 75% of them hit at least one paywall everyday. As more and more publishers lock their sites behind paywalls, good news is getting harder to find. inkl is the world’s only company with a solution to this daily problem. We partner with 100 of the world’s top news sources and provide $3,000+ of paywall-free, ad-free, clickbait-free and most importantly - noise-free news for $15 per month or 10c per article.

2.5 Billion people read the news online. 75% of them hit at least one paywall everyday. As more and more publishers lock their sites behind paywalls, good news is getting harder to find. inkl is the world’s only company with a solution to this daily problem. We partner with 100 of the world’s top news sources and provide $3,000+ of paywall-free, ad-free, clickbait-free and most importantly - noise-free news for $15 per month or 10c per article.

The company has recently completed a milestone and is now expanding its team at The Commons in Collingwood.

As our new Product Marketer you will be responsible for creating and managing digital marketing campaigns for the company. This means working with designers, copywriters, engineers and product managers to optimise paid and unpaid acquisition channels (including Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn). You will use your skills and knowledge of campaign optimisation and conversion rate optimisation to set and deliver weekly goals on customer sign-ups and free-to-paid conversions.
As Product Marketer, you will be responsible for delivering the following business outcomes:
  1. Deploy the marketing budget across various channels
  2. Deliver revenue growth through acquisitions, conversion and retention
  3. Oversee product-marketing initiatives to optimise conversion and retention metrics 
inkl is a team and company with a huge ambition to re-make one of the most frequently used and important products in the online world. Our mission is to “enable informed decisions” because we believe an informed society is essential for progress. Give the scale of our ambition it is vital that (like the rest of our team) you must be hungry, passionate, and purpose-driven.  inkl operates on a daily cadence. This means we all set and share our individual goals for the day with the team. Doing so not only helps us to ensure that we operate in sync, but also to finish each day with a real sense of progress and accomplishment. As our new Product Marketer you will need to be similarly goal-oriented and able to work on a daily cadence. Did we mention hunger? Working on inkl’s furiously ambitious vision means that you should enjoy taking on responsibility, be able to juggle and manage priorities, like to experiment constantly, enjoy sinking your teeth into new challenges, and be curious about learning. Ideally, you would already have had experience working in a fast-paced startup.  Our goal at inkl is to build a company of experts, not “managers” in the traditional sense. This means you must be a self-starter, with deep experience, and real expertise. inkl is a highly collaborative team and we love helping each other, but this is also a team of ‘A’ players. We expect teammates to operate independently, ‘own’ their domains, and be (or become) a world-leading expert in their field.    As Product Marketer you will need to be an expert in four areas:
We firmly believe that “what gets measured, gets done”. This is one reason why every member of the inkl team is SQL-literate and able to extract and analyse data independently. As a Product Marketer analysing data will be particularly important for you. You will need the ability to measure and communicate not only revenue growth, but also the changes in key marketing drivers to inform inkl’s ongoing strategy and priorities.
This probably goes without saying, but you’ll need to know how to build custom audiences, and A/B test ad campaigns, landing pages, emails and ad creative. Moreover, you’ll also need a strong understanding of UX patterns, loops and flows so you can identify and work with the product and engineering teams to address opportunities in on-boarding, engagement, conversion or retention. You must also have a good understanding of best-practices in free-to-paid conversion.
You’ll be the team’s expert on marketing copy and creative. We don’t expect you to have a YouTube channel of Photoshop tutorials or your own copywriting consultancy. But you will need to be able to whip up concepts quickly, and work with designers and copywriters to create assets for your campaigns and projects. This means you’ll need to be a creative problem-solver who can pair data with new ideas and create killer campaigns. 
As Product Marketer, you will need to be an excellent communicator so that the team has a clear understanding of your priorities and requirements. This means you must be highly self-motivated, independent, and most importantly - not afraid to share your ideas. In addition, as a member of a team at the leading edge of news innovation you will be working on ideas that others have not tried before. This means you must be willing to take risks, fail, iterate and persist, knowing that this is the only way to succeed. Resilience is a key attribute that we look for in each and every team member.  
As if saving the world wasn’t a big enough benefit already, we’re proud to share that inkl offers a number of innovative perks that make life easier, richer and more rewarding for you. These include:
Flexible working hours
As an expert and owner you get to decide how, when and where you work. This means that if you do your best work between 2 and 4am while sitting in your PJs with a cup of cocoa, so be it. Or that if you want to fly North for the winter and work from Bali for the next four weeks, bon voyage. At inkl the only things that matter are getting the job done and being there for your team. The rest is up to you. Welcome to work, designed for grownups, by grownups. 
Truly happy birthdays
No one should work on their birthdays. Which is why you get a mandatory day off. True, your friends might all be at work, but you can still sit in the park and feed the pigeons for one special day each year. Don’t worry, we’ll save you some cake.
Uncommon surroundings
We work out of The Commons in Collingwood. After checking out every single co-working space in Melbourne we decided that this was the best. Startups and creatives all around you, yoga and meditation classes, free (and delicious) breakfast on Tuesdays, end-of-month drinks, plus beer, cider and soda water on tap, fresh fruit and cereal, and Butterbing cookies. What’s not to love?
Saving the world
Concerned about climate change? Trade wars? Actual wars? Corrupt politicians? Crony capitalism? Inequality? Refugee treatment? Anti-vaxxers? Flat-Earthers? Us too. By fixing the news you get to fix the information gap that allows all these problems to exist and grow. Join us in our mission to “enable informed decisions” and get the greatest benefit of all - a better and brighter future for the world (but bring your own cape).

Front End Developer

Do you love the idea of no day being the same? Are you driven, eager and ready to push boundaries? Do you like getting involved no matter the task?

Who is B.B.E?
Beyond a creative agency, we’re a strategy-led communications and technology partner with the ability to conceive and create ideas, programs, campaigns and products in-house. Established in 2014, we now have 50 staff in offices across Sydney and Melbourne. Teams include PR, Content, Creative, Product (Experience and Technology), Production and Strategy, and we work with clients in industries ranging from automotive, retail, travel, energy and healthcare, among others.
What makes us unique?
We demystify, decode and make accessible all of the possibilities of 21st century marketing and communications. We do this by working with our clients to develop game-changing work that leverages the best of emerging opportunities that put them ahead of the game. We’re able to deliver on this by staying on the cutting edge through initiatives such as our Venture Marketing arm, which ensure each member of B.B.E truly understands what’s required to thrive in this complex modern marketplace.
What we have:
  • We believe in new ideas and the transformative potential of creative technology
  • We work with ambitious businesses across the full creative spectrum
  • Here, you get the smarts and passion of a top creative agency without the big agency baggage
  • Our culture is our foundation -- we bring it everyday, we are all in and we give a damn
  • We empower our team with the freedom and autonomy to make the right decisions without the need for lots of policies
  • We are here to help our team do the best work of their careers
What you have:
  • 4 - 5  years’ experience in an Agency
  • Skilled in JS and experienced with modern web development frameworks and methodologies including VueJS
  • Eagerness to learn and continually upskill within your role
  • A Passion for Development
  • Previous use of Zeplin and Marvel
  • Ability to work with Designers and Developers as a cross functional team
  • A positive attitude and able to collaborate with all members of the team
  • Open to working hybrid roles and helping out the rest of the team
Sound like you? Let’s talk.

Sales Internship - Australia + New Zealand

Cameo, one of TIME Magazine’s 50 Most Genius Companies and one of Chicago’s fastest growing and most exciting tech startups, is looking for an intern to help build the international talent pool and brand awareness in Australia and New Zealand.

If you’re a huge sports fanatic, spend your evenings religiously watching Netflix or can write the newest issue of Who Magazine, then this role might be perfect for you. Your role will mainly consist of talent acquisition and relations. You will have to identify popular and upcoming International Talent (athletes, reality stars, YouTubers, etc.) and build relationships with talent, their agents and their managers to ensure their smooth onboarding and success on Cameo.

As we scale, spreading our brand across the world is incredibly important. You will be expected to utilise Cameo’s social media presence and fan-culture online to spread the brand and drive talent bookings in new markets. As part of this, you will also be required to work closely with our talent and their teams to drive success through the talent’s social media presence and brand.

How will you crush it?
  • Be a grafter - you will be constantly reaching out to talent via email, sliding into DMs and social selling your way to agents and managers. Volume and consistency is key!
  • Thrive off being in a fast-paced environment where collaboration, communication, and hard work is critical.
  • Learn to effectively source and focus on the right talent, verticals and relationships.
  • Take intelligent and creative risks in building smart, strategic relationships and partnerships.
  • Help establish the cultural differences, problems and successes when entering the Cameo brand and company into a new market.
  • Be ready to work across different time-zones with our talent. Talent expect excellence and quick communication so an “always-on” attitude is necessary!
  • Be focused at work and excited about working long hours both individually and with the Australia/US/UK team. Constant communication with the US team will be crucial.
  • Have a knack for all things social-media related.
  • Be professional and passionate about the business. You will be meeting with big-name talent, managers and agents and if you aren’t passionate about what we are creating - they won’t be either!
What we hope you’ll bring to the table:
  • Current student or recently graduated (last 12 months) preferably in Business, Marketing or Communication.
  • Experience in client-facing roles or relationship management.
  • Experience in CRMs (Base, Salesforce, etc.) - it’s imperative for us to track all activity and outreach with our current and potential talent.
  • Known as a leader in previous projects and roles. You will be expected to take on and manage your own projects for the team.
  • Known as someone with initiative and intellectual curiosity. You’ve got to have a great attitude to learning and working and you’ve got to be competing for the last one out the door!
  • Be extremely self-motivated and someone who shuns mediocrity.
  • Most importantly, you’re someone that sees the glass half full and is excited to take on new challenges, initiatives, and projects!
This position is targeted to start in October. You must be authorized to work in Australia, no sponsorship will be provided for this temporary role. Although this role is temporary, this person may be considered for full-time employment after the initial internship period. Cameo is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for every person who walks through our doors. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need. Cameo celebrates and embraces diversity.