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CTRL+N | Getting a grip on your marketing (Pt 1) with Andi Cross

Marketing for your business can be a black hole. And now - with COVID-19, the rules have totally changed. How much should you spend? What’s the best strategy to employ? What actually works? In this 2-part series, facilitated by LUNA, Andi will deep-dive into the 5 pillars of marketing for startups - and what audience insights you’ll need to build a successful marketing strategy for your business. Andi is an absolute superstar, advising startups globally through Ohana, a holistic impact-driven brand, as a venture partner at US VC Hatzimemos Libby, and was previously VP of Strategic Growth at Huge, one of the world's leading design agencies. In workshop 1, we’ll take a look at marketing in this new world, using real case studies to paint the picture for you, including: - What’s changed in the marketing landscape and what you need to understand today; - The 5 pillars of marketing; - What actually works and what does not; and - What to do if you do don't know how to get started.
09 Jul '20 01:00 pm Online LUNA

Small Business Marketing 101

An interactive workshop that helps business owners understand the fundamental principles of marketing their business and then builds upon that with insights into the different marketing strategies and tactics that you can use to grow your business with the resources that you have. The workshop will demystify the jargon often associated with marketing and help you determine the right action to take that will help you reach new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more.
31 Jul '20 12:00 pm StartNorth StartNorth