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Export-ready Incubator

Following the successful 2021 Export-ready Incubator, the free 2022 Export-ready Incubator is for Founders who are interested in one day exporting their product or service. You don't need to be ready to export now. The purpose of the Incubator is to assist Founders to: - gain the skills, knowledge, networks, tools and resources to become ready for exporting goods and/or services - identify markets - understand regulations - protect IP - create international relationships and - promote and market products and service overseas. The Incubator has no cost for participation as it is fully government funded and consists of: - five x one day workshops (one Saturday in April, May, June, July and August); - business coaching sessions; - roundtables - peer to peer learning and - skills-based webinars. The Incubator is located in Ballarat.
09 Apr '22 β€” 13 Aug '22 09:30 am Ballarat Enterprising Partnerships

One Roof is hosting the UNSPOKEN Conference again this year - a week long virtual conference bringing to the stage conversations affecting women in business that we don't talk enough about

Our friends at One Roof, a digital network for entrepreneurial women, are hosting The UNSPOKEN Conference again this year. 5 days, 5 panel events, 17 stand-out speakers from around the world sharing the unspoken stories that affect women in business that we don't talk enough about. Topics include: - Women working in taboo industries like psychedelics, medicinal cannabis and sex education. - The end of the "boss babe" and "hustle" culture - What female founders are dealing with behind the scenes - postnatal depression, anxiety, burnout, chronic illness Early bird tickets are only $29 for the entire conference. Make sure you get your ticket by 6 May as the price goes up to $69. You only need to purchase one ticket to attend all 5 lunchtime sessions and get access to each of the recordings. One Roof members attend for free. It's exhausting wearing a mask and hiding what's really going on as women, founders and leaders. Let's #getunspoken together.
16 May '22 β€” 20 May '22 12:00 pm online One Roof

Open Evening: Le Wagon's Data Science Bootcamp

If you are interested in building actionable tech skills to turn data into valuable business insights, explore Data Science today! Le Wagon offers immersive 10-week and 24-week Data Science Bootcamps providing professionals from all backgrounds with the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career, join a data science team, or launch their own startup πŸ’ͺ Curious about our Bootcamp? Questions about the online and on-campus batches we are running in Melbourne? Come to our Open Evening! We will present the detailed program of the Bootcamp and meet Le Wagon team From Python fundamentals to advanced Machine and Deep Learning, you will learn how to collect, explore, clean, and transform data into actionable business insights. You will also discover how to implement Machine Learning models from start to finish in a production environment, working in teams with the best-in-class tool belt πŸ“Š
16 May '22 06:30 pm Online Le Wagon Australia


As part of our mission at Uncommon Collective of helping emerging migrant founders and creators build thriving businesses and lives. We are excited to be hosting our first mastermind group. It is free to everyone who is in the Uncommon Collective Community or becomes part of the Uncommon Collective community (you can join for free here). If you are not part of the community there is a small fee of $10 to be involved. Mastermind Details Our mastermind is designed for early-stage small business owners, startup founders, and freelancers who want to grow and build momentum while connecting authentically in community. Format: We meet online across 6 x 1.5-2 hour masterminds every month across 6 months. Key dates: Starting 7 pm on the 15 March, then monthly every 3rd week of that month for 6 months Group size: 4 - 7 members per group max The common goal - is to further a business or project that serves others, while connecting authentically with like-minded people
17 May '22 07:00 pm Zoom Uncommon Collective

Lunch Chats: Women in STEM Entrepreneurship

Join Dr Melina Georgousakis, Founder of Franklin Women, and Makenzie Thomas, Programs and Community Coordinator at MedTech Actuator, to explore the opportunities for women in STEM entrepreneurship and the lasting impact female-identifying and diverse individuals have on the entire healthcare ecosystem. At the MedTech Actuator, we’re for founders. And this means really understanding the diversity of experiences of entrepreneurs from all corners of the system, and from multiple backgrounds and contexts. And more than this, the MedTech Actuator is excited to create more opportunities for women and diverse entrepreneurs and players across the entire healthcare innovation ecosystem. Anyone interested in learning more about STEM entrepreneurship, MedTech, BioTech and HealthTech startups and Australia's healthcare innovation ecosystem is welcome to join this conversation.
18 May '22 12:00 pm Zoom Medtech Actuator, Franklin Women

Fintech Drinks with Basiq

Calling all fintechs πŸ—£ Basiq is hosting another round of Fintech Drinks and we would love to invite you along! Join us on Wednesday, 18th May, to catch up with people from across the industry and chat about all things fintech – drinks on us, of course! For this edition, we're taking over Whitehart Bar's private, open-air rooftop space and throwing a "Fintech21 Showcase" after party πŸ•ΊπŸ’₯ If you're a fintech (or simply interested in the space), please register now to reserve your spot!
18 May '22 05:00 pm Whitehart Bar Basiq