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Introduction to U.S. Investment & Expansion

The U.S. Consulate General, Melbourne, in partnership with LaunchVic and MAP, University of Melbourne is thrilled to invite the startup community to a conversation with esteemed international experts, Sumant Mandal, Managing Director and Co-founder of Los Angeles based March Capital Partners, and Meredith Finn, Partner at March Capital Partners who will be in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday 28th January, 2020.
28 Jan '20 03:45 pm Victorian Innovation Hub LaunchVic


Join Transitions Film Festival, the Little Projector Company and MPavillion for a series of world-changing, pedal-powered, screenings this summer! Get inspired by films about the most important issues of our time, connect with passionate changemakers, and you'll even have the chance as an audience member to ride a bicycle and help power the screenings! These screenings are taking place in the lead up to Transitions Film Festival, which takes place in February. Sign up for updates at:
28 Jan '20 08:00 pm MPavilion Transitions Film Festival

Entrepreneur Experiences with LUNA CEO Ronen Heine

Imagine quitting your job as a corporate lawyer to found a startup studio that builds and develops OTHER startups? That’s exactly what Ronen Heine, CEO and founder of LUNA, a one-stop shop of startup strategy, legal, accounting and investment services, did when he packed it all up after 4 years as a suit-and-tie lawyer. Seizing the opportunity to change the way these services are delivered, Ronen founded LUNA in 2015, a startup studio that helps businesses, social enterprises and startups launch. Equipping them with the knowledge needed to make waves and sustain their ideas, Ronen created this studio to assist in launching, scaling and pitch for investment to develop and educate entrepreneurs on the technical ins-and-outs of the startup space. Let’s get real with Ronen about what it takes to leave the stability of the corporate world in favour of the less predictable, and how he’s helped more than 500 startup businesses get to the next phase.
29 Jan '20 07:00 pm The Hive Collingwood The Hive Collingwood & LUNA

Revenue Marketing: How to connect your marketing initiatives with company revenue

The demand for marketers is increasing every day and today more than ever we need to show that our efforts directly corresponds to the growth and revenue of the company. That’s why we’re hosting this event. 👉🏾 Here’s what you’ll learn 👈🏼 - Make every marketing dollar an investment as opposed to a company cost - Identify the missing links between sales and marketing - How to align your KPIs with the sales department - Use attribution to fully understand your customer journey 👉🏾 Who should attend 👈🏼 - Marketing executives and representatives (from any level of an organisation) - C-level executives - CMOs and marketing teams - Founders, entrepreneurs and business owners looking for an edge to grow their business
30 Jan '20 06:00 pm MODEX Growth Colony

Free Lunch & Learn with Free Day Pass Friday

Andrew Murphy, the lead trainer at Pillar Leaders, will deliver the lunch and learn session on effective communication at 12pm sharp! Most of us think we can communicate well but how many times have you found yourself talking to someone you really didn't want to, or being sold something even though you were not interested? Efficient and effective communication will change this. During the session you will learn how to communicate anything to anyone and make a real impact, and give you the lead on your communication. Why don't you come in a little early, make a cup of coffee, bring your laptop and settle in for a day of FREE coworking. Get some work done and try out the space here at StartNorth. Our members are always telling us how much work they get done when they come into the space to work instead of working from home or a cafe. Come try us out. Free
31 Jan '20 09:00 am StartNorth Coworking Space StartNorth

THE HACKER EXCHANGE // Tuesday night drinks with Devin Mancuso

Join HEX and Devin Mancuso as we explore the phenomenon of Virtual Beings as social influencers About this Event WTF is a VTuber? In 2020 we find ourselves grappling with unprecedented levels of fake-news, propaganda and disinformation in our feeds. And now a new breed of influencer is here. From digital humans on Instagram to VTubers across YouTube, the era of the Virtual Influencer is now upon us. Meet Devin Mancuso... Designer and creative technologist, Devin Mancuso, is a Design Strategist at Google. He works with Google’s Platforms and Ecosystems group to help shape the future for billions of users across the globe. Previously, he was the UX Design Lead for YouTube’s VR/AR team, where he deep-researched virtual creators and the phenomenon of Virtual Beings as social influencers Originally from Adelaide, Devin now lives and works in Silicon Valley and has had the privilege of contributing to products across Google including Android, Pixel, YouTube and Daydream.
04 Feb '20 05:30 pm RMIT Activator THE HACKER EXCHANGE