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Blockchain for Beginners

It is highly probable that you have heard the word ‘Blockchain’ during the last year, whether it’s at technology and innovation forums. But still have no idea of what it means or how it works or what it’s us-case is. This Blockchain for Beginners workshop is an introduction to the world of blockchain. During this seminar you will gain an understanding and learn what the big hype is about. This workshop will explore; - What is not blockchain and what it is? - How does it really work? - Why is it Important? - What does decentralise technology vs decentralised Ideology means? - Real use-case of the Blockchain technology - How are industries looking to adopt blockchain? About the Kaia Myer-Stewart Kaia is the co-founder of Bridg•it, a tool that uses machine learning to identify and facilitate opportunities for collaborative innovation across industrial supply chains. The ultimate aim is to disrupt the linearity of traditional supply chain structures, creating instead a global supply web comprised of cross-industry partners, all working together to solve their pressing sustainability challenges. Kaia specialises in communications and marketing strategy, with a diverse background in technology, software development, education and psychology. Her goal is to combine her science & technology skillset with her passion for communication, social impact & intercultural connection and foster more multi-disciplinary approaches to innovation and education. Kaia also recently began a product manager position at PegaSys, which is the protocol engineering team working on the research & development of Ethereum 2.0, in addition to refining enterprise solutions for the Ethereum blockchain.

Scale to the US and Beyond: Breakfast Networking with Viki Forrest

SPARK Deakin is running a breakfast event with our partner The Hacker Exchange for our Geelong community. Startups often talk about ’scaling up’ -- but what does that actually mean? If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to grow a business that can go global, or simply curious about the US market, join us for a breakfast chat with US market entry expert, technologist, and startup adviser Viki Forrest, one of the most well-connected Australians working in Silicon Valley today. At this intimate discussion, Viki will share her insights on: - scaling your business overseas - attributes of successful global founders - the US political and economic climate and how it impacts startups - tips and tricks to raising capital in the US - how to avoid 'bro culture' in your business and much more! About Viki Forrest: Viki Forrest is one of the most well-connected Australians working in Silicon Valley today. Originally from Sydney, Viki’s experience in the technology sector spans more than 30 years across Australia, Asia (Singapore, China, Korea, India) and the United States. She has held a variety of positions including software developer, corporate executive, entrepreneur and startup mentor, and advisor. Following a successful tenure as Director of Sales Support at Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), Asia Pacific, she joined Bullant in Sydney as employee No. 5 and was instrumental in helping the company raise $25m and relocating it to San Francisco in 2001. As the CEO of ANZA Technology Network based in San Francisco, Viki has showcased over 200 Australian and New Zealand companies in Silicon Valley and is credited with bringing 70 Australian companies to the US. Her innate ability to fast-track companies to growth-stage is reflected in her clients successfully landing strategic partners and closing early customer deals. In a world where only 0.6% of startups successfully raise venture capital, Viki is proud to have helped 20% of her Australian companies raise in excess of $43m in seed and A-round financings. About the organizers: The Hacker Exchange: The Hacker Exchange (HEX) is a global entrepreneurship education program based in Melbourne, Australia, and San Francisco, USA. Drawing from an international network of mentors, we partner with leading universities to help students and founders cultivate global mindsets and skills to launch high-impact, competitive startups and contribute to future innovation. HEX programs are university accredited and take founders to Silicon Valley, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Melbourne and beyond. SPARK Deakin: A startup ecosystem designed to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. We Invite everyone. Teach the curious. Empower the best. Create Your Future with SPARK. Accelerator Programs, Startup Hackathon, FREE Monthly Events. An initiative by Deakin University. Please email with any queries.

Time Management

Time Management is a vital skill to have as a business owner or entrepreneur, things can get a little out of hand and the to-do list seems to be never-ending. However, one thing we all forget is that whether as a small business owner, or a start-up founder, we all have the same 168 hours each week. The most effective ways of improving your productivity is to recognise and rectify time management mistakes and best utilise those 168 hours to achieving productive outcomes. The seminar will identify some strategies and tips that you can use to overcome time management pain-points. *The entrepreneurial Business Support programs are designed to provide continued practical support to build management and business capability, improve performances and personal development for small business owners and startup founders. Facilitator Peter Ridsdale Peter Ridsdale is the Entrepreneur in Residences at Western BACE. With over 20+ years of consulting to a wide variety of private enterprises and public organisations he has developed a broad ranging skill set in all areas of strategic planning, budgeting, operations management, systems re-engineering, communications, personnel management, finance and administration and property asset management. For the large portion of the past 20+ years, Peter has been extensively involved in assisting SME start-ups through training programs, workshops and mentoring both in regional Victoria and Melbourne.

Startup Governance & Founder Resilience: Why & How to build a Startup Advisory Board?

Led by two seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced board directors, this Founder led experiential and active learning workshop will teach Founders about setting up the best support structures for Founder resilience and how to best build an advisory board, governance board. The economic benefits of an Advisory Board can include: Strategy, risk and governance How to sell to enterprise B2B/B2G; Scaling into new markets, to go global; How to get investment ready; and Opening up networks you never thought possible. This active learning workshop would be most beneficial to almost all Founders, from startup, to those who are heading towards scale-up and considering a capital raise in the next 12 months, or already raised seed and entering Series A-D rounds or possibly considering an IPO, even newly listed companies considering bolstering their board. (Sometimes it takes 6 month to secure your advisors)

New York Venture Summit

Meet, interact and network with more than 1,000 VCs, Corporate VCs, angel investors, investment bankers and founders of venture backed, emerging and early stage companies at the prestigious New York Venture Summit being held on March 6th – 7th 2019 at the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, CA. A highly productive venture conference, The New York Venture Summit is dedicated to showcasing VCs, Corporate VCs and angel investors committed to funding venture backed, emerging and early stage companies. Special Offer: Startup Victoria has made special arrangements for our network to receive a special discount of 10% off the existing “early bird" rates. This conference will be attended by the best people in the industry. Please register early to avoid disappointment. Register Today & Save Click here. (Use promo code "SUVVIP”) In addition to providing access to leading Investors, the conference will feature more than 100 pre-screened venture backed, emerging and early stage companies seeking capital, and hardcore networking. Call for TOP INNOVATORS! Get Noticed > Get Funded > Grow Faster A select group of more than 100 Top Innovators from the Technology, Life Sciences/Healthcare, CleanTech and Fintech sectors will be chosen to present their breakthrough investment opportunities to an exclusive audience of Venture Capitalists, Corporate Investors, Private Investors, Investment Bankers, and Strategic Partners. Apply to Present / Nominate a company: For more information or to be considered for one of the Top Innovator slots click here. Seed Pitchfest: If you are a seed stage company seeking angel funding of less than $1M (and have raised less than $300,000) click here to apply for the Seed stage track.

  • Tue 9 Jul, 8:30am
  • Convene
  • youngStartup Ventures

Co-Connected: Intro to woodworking

Ever been curious about woodworking, but didn’t know where to start? Learn all about cutting, ripping, carving, shaving, laminating, bending, sanding, staining, dressing timber and more at FAB9, Melbourne’s newest makerspace. At this informative session, Intro to Woodworking, FAB9’s will show you the basics of woodworking tools and machines in FAB9’s brand new Timber shop, including the: * Table saw * Thicknesser * Planer (Jointer) * Drill press * Vertical bandsaw * Downdraft sanding table * Drop saw and * Lathe Looking to build foundational woodworking knowledge that will help you get started on your dream project? Intro to Woodworking is ideal for you. After the session, there will be an opportunity to network, mingle and chat with fellow makers and woodworkers. Food and beverage will be provided on the evening. This is the second in a 10-part series of Co-Connected events that will be hosted by FAB9. Co-Connected is a series of free events designed to empower start-ups to create innovative services and products and develop key connections between networks, people, talent and infrastructure.

  • Thu 28 Mar, 06:00pm
  • FAB9
  • FAB9