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LaunchVic 2018 Community End of Year Celebration

It’s been a huge year for the Victorian startup community, and we have so much to celebrate! LaunchVic are bringing the community together to reflect on the year that was; our successes, learnings and experiences that have shaped an unforgettable year for our community. Together, we've gone from strength to strength and grown a world-class ecosystem of entrepreneurs, startups and creatives that we can all be proud of. Please join the LaunchVic community for an evening of celebration, reflection and the sharing of our favourite moments that have made 2018 so memorable. Tickets are free, however, all guests are required to register.

Raise Capital on Your Terms with Rebekah Campbell, Cofounder Hey You and Zambesi

An intense, focused one-day capital raising course designed to give you the best chance possible of successfully raising capital. You’ll have an initial hit-list of at least ten appropriate investor contacts and be clear how to approach them, what to ask for, and why they should say yes. Outcomes: - Develop a plan to identify and approach investors appropriate for your business and stage. - Understand how to value your business, build a cap table and develop a financial model in line with market expectations. - Build a credible pitch appropriate for your target investor group. - Understand the terms your target group of investors are likely to ask for and why. Comprehend the long term implications of each provision and be positioned to negotiate with confidence. - Develop the ability to create deal momentum to strengthen your negotiating position and successfully close your investment.

Persuasive Communication

The ability to persuade is critical to professional success. This one-day intensive is designed to turn you into an expert communicator who can win new business, attract capital, or get a promotion. You’ll learn techniques to engage and persuade an audience and deliver clear, authentic and powerful presentations. You’ll get personal coaching and feedback from the founder of TEDxMelbourne and the skills you’ll develop will impact your one-one-one conversations and your ability to command a public forum. You will learn to build rapport and get your message across – even when the information is complex or people are distracted. Outcomes: - Understand how to structure a face-to-face pitch and a keynote presentation that is clear and compelling. Apply a flexible preparation model to create talks for different audiences and occasions. - Learn to craft your message and use storytelling techniques to hook an audience and make a point. - Learn to build rapport in meetings and when presenting to large groups. - Practice delivering with power and authenticity to engage and audience and ensure your message cuts through. Get personal feedback and coaching on your public speaking style. - Learn to manage difficult conversations and hostile audiences. Develop the ability to win people over without compromising your objective.

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Personal brand is central to professional success. This workshop provides you with tools to turn your passions and knowledge into authentic thought leadership. You’ll learn how to build and leverage your profile to amplify and support the growth of your organisation, attract new business and further your career. Outcomes: - Identify clear personal and promotional objectives and map out a plan that will achieve those goals. - Understand what makes great content. Identify your signature topic, develop your voice and learn how to establish yourself as a thought leader. - Create and/or edit an ideal professional bio for use across all your personal brand endeavours. - Set-up and leverage online networks that are relevant to you including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Medium to amplify your message. You will leave this workshop with everything in place and a road map for maintaining a powerful social presence - Learn how to attract and deliver relevant speaking engagements. - Understand how media works and how to position yourself as a go to person for journalists. - Understand how to leverage your personal brand to support your professional career objectives. - Learn how to protect your personal and professional reputation online and navigate the social landscape without compromising your professional or your personal identity

How to Grow Like Canva

Growth is the lifeblood of every company and Andre Pinantoan is widely considered Australia’s top growth marketer. He developed and led strategies to grow Canva to more than 10 million active, monthly users and has consulted to other high-flying successes such as Tyro and Spaceship. Every business is unique and every growth strategy is different. In this one-day, small-group growth marketing course, you will learn from the best and work with Andrianes to develop sustainable repeatable strategies to grow your business. Outcomes: - Learn how to leverage SEO and content marketing to grow quickly - A high-performing on-boarding channel to activate your new customers. You'll learn to use customer reach and data to find your 'aha' moment and identify where and why customers drop off. - A plan to increase your customer retention metrics using CRM to segment user messages. - An understanding of the strategy behind customer referrals and develop tactics to increase the viral coefficient of your business.

Brilliant Digital Marketing

Learn digital marketing techniques to grow your business fast at low cost. This condensed workshop is an opportunity to develop your digital marketing strategy with one of Australia’s most successful marketers. Leave knowing how to leverage all the available channels and a with plan you can implement immediately. Outcomes: - An understanding of different social channels, which are rightfor your business and learn techniques to measure the impact of social campaigns - An understanding of how to create a measurement framework to optimise the success of all your digital marketing activities. - The ability to setup a data marketing strategy which can capture and utilise customer data to create more meaningful customer experiences, and to utilise that data to create ongoing leads & sales at a low cost. - How to nurture your customers in an integrated way across a range of digital channels - How to develop a compelling user experience - The ability to use marketing techniques such as SEO, SEM, display, and remarketing to attract new customers. - A deep understanding of who your customers are and how to optimise your online experience to increase your conversion and response rates - How to use videos, blogs and social content to acquire and retain customers