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Your Dream Home in a Breeze

Over the last 4 years, I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to live and work in 4 different cities. In each city, I moved between countless apartments and neighbourhoods. I thoroughly enjoyed each move, but dreaded the hassles of dealing with furniture each time. From wasted weekends buying, moving, and setting up furniture, to losing more time and money selling things I no longer needed. It felt like a vicious, unavoidable cycle.

Hassle aside, what bothered me the most was never being able to create a home I loved. I knew how much of an influence my physical environment had on my wellbeing. Most of us do – from sitting by the beach on a beautiful summer day, to laying by the pool on a weekend getaway, to enjoying a delicious meal in a beautifully designed space – we’ve all experienced the positive impact that our physical environment can have on the way we feel. Like most, I spent more time at home than anywhere else. It presented the perfect opportunity to create a space I felt great in.

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However, I knew and embraced that my life was constantly changing. It just didn’t make sense to invest in nice furniture – in fact, it really didn’t make sense buying anything I knew I wasn’t going to keep. But the alternative of renting furniture made even less sense. If I ended up staying in one place for an extended period of time, I would have paid more than the cost of the item without ever owning it. Like many others, I compromised and bought cheap, self-assembly furniture which I didn’t necessarily like, solely for the flexibility it brought. When things changed, it didn’t feel so bad if it had to be thrown out. Not until I learnt of the impact this was having on our environment.

Speaking with friends, I realised that this problem wasn’t unique to me. They too wanted a nice home but weren’t ready to commit to buying high quality furniture in the face of changing needs. Unfortunately, the present ways to access furniture couldn’t address this – buying lacked flexibility and renting was very expensive for something we never got to keep. The ideal solution was one which offered the flexibility of renting with an easy and cost-effective way to keep the items we wanted.

Breeze: A simple, sustainable and flexible way to live with beautiful furniture

This was the genesis of Breeze: Australia’s first furniture subscription service. We set out to create a simple and affordable way to access high quality furniture flexibly, with a core goal of fighting the growing furniture waste issue in Australia fueled by the proliferation of “fast”, single-life furniture. There’s nothing wrong with buying furniture, the issue is committing to ownership when life is constantly changing. But we shouldn’t have to wait until the day we finally buy a house and settle in a permanent place to create a space we love.

With Breeze, you get the furniture you want today at a low weekly subscription rate, the freedom to change up your items as your life and preferences change, without ever paying more than retail to keep the items you love. To simplify things, we’ve thrown in white glove delivery and assembly within 7 days on orders. So, you can always create a home you love whether you’re there for a few months or a few years, and keep the pieces you want without worrying about paying more than you would have buying upfront.

Check us out here. And if you’re living in Melbourne, we’d love to help you experience a new way of creating your dream space simply, sustainably and flexibly.

– TJ Hoon