White Paper: How to decrease founder stress and enhance wellbeing and performance

In 2019, Melbourne Edge Consultants undertook a pilot with fifty-five (55) founders from three (3) of Melbourne’s top accelerators. The pilot sought to understand stress and the impact on a founder: physically, cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally, and how this in turn affects communication, decision making, relationships, leadership skills, innovation and creativity.

The pilot was designed on existing practices amongst highly stressful professions, known as clinical supervision and based on positive psychology principles. Founders attended a set number of regularly scheduled sessions in-person, to allow exploration of wellbeing, professional competence, and capacity to respond to the complex and changing environment of a startup.

The findings give rise for consideration of a more neurologically diverse group of founders and entrepreneurs, through regularly scheduled sessions to decrease stress, increase psychological wellbeing and enhance productivity.

White paper can be found and downloaded for free: