What fuels a global energy revolution?

The energy revolution is coming, or, perhaps we’re in the midst of it already – according to many sources on the web. Ideas, actions and technology can be said to be the catalysts, but what fuels those? StumpJump Co-Lab’s unbiased opinion is that some of the most critical factors are a comfortable space, a smart, interactive community and an ecosystem focused upon making positive changes in the world, with both old and new technology and systems. We believe we provide exactly that.

Stump-Jump Co-Lab, a co-working space located at 310 Bay Road Cheltenham, is currently offering free desks in their “energy” space. Eligible people will be working on, and able to contribute to, innovative energy projects in both conventional and renewable areas. As an example, one of our current clients, Enerex Pty Ltd, is currently working on renewable energy project which combines solar, wind and hydrogen generators for remote area locations. Conditions apply.

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Give this world good energy.