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Female Founder Spotlight

Sarah Holloway, Co-founder of Matcha Maiden and Matcha Mylkbar 1. Tell us about yourself and your business?  I'm Sarah Holloway (aka Spoonful of Sarah), a former corporate lawyer turned "funtrepreneur" having co-founded Matcha Maiden and Matcha Mylkbar.   2. In the last year, what new belief, behaviour or habit has most...
startupvic 02 Nov '18

When Is The Best Time to Purchase a Domain Name?

Business owners come up with a name for their domain using a variety of reasons that may be unique to them. The timeline for choosing also varies. But how much does it matter when businesses decide to buy their domains? Here we’ll explore more. Time to Decide There are several general requirements for a domain name to succeed. It must...
Crazy Domains 31 Oct '18


The best choice of business structure for anyone is subjective. The choice will depend on circumstances specific to you.  Set out below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of structures (sole, proprietary, trust, and partnership) which can be adopted in undertaking a business.   Sole Trader The main advantage of...
Allied Legal 24 Oct '18

Common Pitfalls Start-Ups Must Avoid by Allied Legal

        Are you thinking of setting up your own business? Do you know what you should be aware of and what to avoid?   Entrepreneurs are, by definition, ambitious and driven and have an exceptional understanding of their industry which is the result of their research and experience. However, new...
Allied Legal 17 Oct '18

5 ways to woo an investor

Let’s face it: if you’re looking to scale your business, you’re probably going to end up looking to raise capital through some sort of equity investment. While demand for capital is quite high, here are five ways to woo an investor and increase your chances of raising that capital – the oxygen that will allow your businesses to grow...
MYOB 28 Mar '18