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Resources in Support of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC)

Startup Victoria stands in solidarity with black, indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) effected by police brutality and systemic racism, and all those who want to see change now. We've compiled a list of resources to educate and inform positive action both in support of black and indigenous lives and in protest of police brutality and...
startupvic 12 Jun '20

World’s first app screens for Dyslexia in minutes using Artificial Intelligence

Dystech, an Australian start-up, winner of the EduGrowth competition 2019 is using the technological power of AI and Machine Learning to solve real-world problems, has created the world’s first app that screens for dyslexia, giving the user a percentage likelihood of having the disorder in just minutes. Individuals with dyslexia have trouble...
hugorichard 11 Jun '20

Applications to join the LawTech Hub are now open

Calling all tech startups and scaleups working on the next big legal innovation! Applications are now open to join the LawTech Hub for the July intake. The Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures is an immersive experience where startups and scaleups have ready access to legal expertise, business experience and client...
smarke 11 Jun '20

3 mistakes still seen too often in startups

At Dovetail we design, build and invest in technology companies and in the process we’ve learnt a few lessons about what works and what doesn’t. In this article we’ve tried to focus on three mistakes that are relevant to early-stage founders. Mistakes that we still see surprisingly often and which we believe almost always have negative...
dovetail 05 Jun '20

From entry to exit with Gabby Leibovich, Founder,

Startup Victoria’s Growth Club, proudly supported by LaunchVic, brings scaleup founders together in conversation with successful founders, technology executives and investors. When the cameras go off, founders have the opportunity to ask questions about their most exciting opportunities and their biggest challenges, completely...
startupvic 21 May '20

Is 2020 the year of proptech?

Is 2020 the year of proptech? As a newly labelled ‘essential’ industry and Australia’s largest GDP contributor, the property sector has recently been forced to rapidly adopt tech. Its survival instincts kicked in as restrictions from the government were rolled out, further pushing the proptech community for help.  The question on...
Julian 13 May '20

Unemployed professionals offer free services to help startups enables startups to find professionals who have been made redundant or lost contracts and are willing to offer pro bono support. It's a completely free service built to help connect businesses in need with skilled help. The site already includes former CFO's, Marketers, Lawyers, Sales Professionals and Developers.
Espresso 30 Apr '20

How to name my startup

As the famous Shakespeare quote goes, “what’s in a name”. But alas when it comes to marketing, branding and building a business the name holds a lot of value.  Finding a name for your startup is one of the hardest things you can do. Here are some actionable tips on how to come up with a name for your startup. Brand names usually...
fern 28 Apr '20