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What Amazon taught me about cost management

The dramatic downturn resulting from the pandemic has caused havoc in our economy. Businesses are struggling to survive.  Sweeping cost cuts to stem bleeding cashflows has been an immediate reaction as evidenced by mounting unemployment and shuttered stores. A continuation of this volatility means that it is imperative for businesses to...
CornellTsiang 26 Aug '20

What Groundhog Day teaches us about strategic planning

The core plot of Groundhog Day revolves around Phil’s pursuit of Rita. He adopts multiple strategies to achieve his goal of seduction seemingly without success.  However, Phil has the presence of mind to learn from his prior missteps, identify the drivers for success and accordingly, readjust his tactics.  Once on the right path, he...
CornellTsiang 19 Aug '20

"Wait and See": a strategy for failure

Poor strategic management is a leading cause of business failure as highlighted over the past three years in the annual ASIC Report on Insolvencies. Irrespective of market conditions, an agile strategy has been proven time and again, as fundamental to success. I learnt this the hard way as a leader through the last three financial crises....
CornellTsiang 12 Aug '20

Opportunity discovery under COVID-19 crisis circumstances

CALL FOR VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION IN A RESEARCH PROJECT Project Title: Opportunity discovery under COVID-19 crisis circumstances You are invited to participate in a research project on ‘Opportunity discovery under COVID-19 crisis’ conducted by a team of researchers from Australian National University (ANU) and RMIT University to study how...
Afreenhuq 05 Aug '20

Law Squared Business Emergency Room

IS JOBKEEPER KEEPING YOUR BUSINESS ON LIFE SUPPORT? With the Federal government’s recent announcement in relation to changes to the JobKeeper programme, we’ve had a number of businesses contact us with the ultimate realisation that JobKeeper is ultimately keeping their business alive and irrespective of the government’s potential...
MeiChan 30 Jul '20

William Buck - July Update

Startup Vic Industry Partners William Buck have collated information and updates regarding JobKeeper, available Government stimulus and Federal Government Economic and Fiscal developments. JobKeeper Payments Recently, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the Job Keeper Payment will be extended to 28 March 2021. From 28...
startupvic 30 Jul '20