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In praise of frugality

The news is awash with speculation about what will be the “new” normal.  Topics ranging from health to schools to the economy have not been spared.  Understandable as it’s human nature to want security. Economists are feverishly discussing a variety of potential outcomes using letters as analogies: the letter du jour is K....
CornellTsiang 23 Sep '20

7 Global Fintech Innovations to lead Australia’s Financial Recovery

Seven of the world’s top Fintech startups and scaleups are going to help drive Australia’s financial and economic recovery. These innovative technologies will bring tremendous value to the Financial Services Industry as they join the world-leading Startupbootcamp Fintech accelerator to help cut costs, and accelerate businesses’ and...
phoebexellis 28 Aug '20

William Buck - July Update

Startup Vic Industry Partners William Buck have collated information and updates regarding JobKeeper, available Government stimulus and Federal Government Economic and Fiscal developments. JobKeeper Payments Recently, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the Job Keeper Payment will be extended to 28 March 2021. From 28...
startupvic 30 Jul '20

How to build fintech startup?

Launching startup in the fintech space is extremely promising. Yet, it's one of the most challenging and complicated areas to work in. So, if you consider working in this area, you have to be aware of the possible pitfalls. We have prepared for you the list of the steps to take to run a successful fintech startup! The most important point of...
Alex_Kry 01 Apr '20

Financial support, tips and tools for startups during the coronavirus

Just when you thought founding a startup was hard enough, a global pandemic comes along and pulls the rug well and truly out from under your feet. The good news is, we're all in the same boat. At Standard Ledger, we work with startups, scale ups and SMEs and we're hearing it all right now. While we can't help so much on the health side, we can... 25 Mar '20