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Applications to join the LawTech Hub are now open

Calling all tech startups and scaleups working on the next big legal innovation! Applications are now open to join the LawTech Hub for the July intake. The Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures is an immersive experience where startups and scaleups have ready access to legal expertise, business experience and client...
smarke 11 Jun '20

How to manage startup development remote teams?

Nowadays, a great number of employees prefer to work remotely. Yet, there are a lot of pitfalls in this working model. For example, a common company structure and information on how to start a remote team company successfully is missing. How to manage remote teams successfully? Pay attention to each employee. Chat constantly with your...
Alex_Kry 18 Mar '20

Coworking hub StartSpace launches at State Library Victoria

State Library Victoria today launched StartSpace – the first coworking space and resource of its kind in Victoria that provides knowledge, support and networks to anyone who has a business idea but is not yet ready to enter the startup world. Breaking down the barriers to founding a business or social enterprise, StartSpace celebrates the...
tsimon 16 Mar '20

Opportunity to share space with fast growing Melbourne Startup

The team at LivenPay are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity for another Victorian Startup to become our room-mates! For rent are 20 open-area desk seats and/or a selection of 3 partitioned office suites at our spacious and chic Burnley headquarters.  You will be sharing with a fast-growing Australian startup and our young, friendly...
Davidb 15 Aug '19

HQ “No Frills” WorkSpace

The New Kids Stepping Off The Block The age of co-working has well and truly arrived with new sites popping up faster than you can shake a stick at. They’ve all got most of the same hallmarks too, beautifully laid out spaces, free beer and insanely unaffordable prices (for startups anyway). But hey, free beer! The team behind HQ aren’t just...
g.varkey 05 Aug '19

What fuels a global energy revolution?

The energy revolution is coming, or, perhaps we're in the midst of it already - according to many sources on the web. Ideas, actions and technology can be said to be the catalysts, but what fuels those? StumpJump Co-Lab's unbiased opinion is that some of the most critical factors are a comfortable space, a smart, interactive community and an...
StumpJump Co-Lab 03 May '19