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XBRL Advance brings the lowest LEI registration fee to Australia

XBRL Advance has partnered with LEI Register to bring the lowest LEI registration cost to Australian legal entities that need a LEI to participate in international financial transactions. Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) increase trust and transparency in any business transaction by enabling business partners to... 27 Oct '20

Funding Your Startup

Capital raising can be a beneficial and often necessary step to allow startups to scale and grow. It can also be a daunting process, especially if it’s your first time doing it. Allied Legal sets out some preliminary issues you should consider when raising funds for your business. Equity raise An equity raise involves the sale of a...
Talt 09 Sep '20

Law Squared Business Emergency Room

IS JOBKEEPER KEEPING YOUR BUSINESS ON LIFE SUPPORT? With the Federal government’s recent announcement in relation to changes to the JobKeeper programme, we’ve had a number of businesses contact us with the ultimate realisation that JobKeeper is ultimately keeping their business alive and irrespective of the government’s potential...
MeiChan 30 Jul '20

Startup Victoria R&D Tax Incentive Amendment Submission

Startup Victoria creates community Submission for the Treasury Laws Amendment to the R&D Tax Incentive Bill In March 2020, the Economics Legislation Committee collected Submissions in response to the proposed Amendments to the R&D Tax Incentive Bill. This provided the startup community with an opportunity to formally submit...
startupvic 12 Mar '20

Unfair Terms in Small Business Contracts

Small Business Lawyers in Melbourne, Australia If you are the owner of a small business, please contact Allied Legal prior to entering into your next contract as we are one of the best small business lawyers in Melbourne. Alternatively, if your business (whether large or small) uses standard form contracts to operate, please also consider...
Allied Legal 14 Feb '19

Crowd-Sourced Funding

Does your business qualify for crowd-sourced funding? Do you understand the legal implications associated with CSF? Overview of the CSF Regime Crowd-sourced funding (CSF) is an alternative way of raising funds and is especially attractive to innovative companies, start-ups and emerging businesses as it allows large numbers of the...
Allied Legal 15 Jan '19

Starting an online business: A quick legal checklist

You have a great idea for a product or service, you have your website up and running, and you’re getting ready to go to market online. It's an exciting time and the last thing you want to think about is your company’s and your website’s legal compliance. But it's an important step to take to ensure that disputes over the use of your...
Law Squared 13 Dec '18

Financing Your Start-Up Using Convertible Notes

Need to raise money for your start-up?  Have you considered using Convertible Notes? Convertible notes, if well structured, can be a simple, flexible and cost-effective way for a start-up to raise funds.  Start-ups can offer convertible notes, which are debt instruments that may be converted to equity, to raise capital, instead of...
Allied Legal 13 Dec '18

Protecting your Confidential Information with a Confidentiality Agreement

Are you thinking to have your employees sign a Confidentiality Agreement? Having a Confidentiality Agreement helps you assure that your company information is not disclosed to any third party even after they stop working for your company. CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS An employee confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement (Confidentiality...
Allied Legal 21 Nov '18