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10 EdTech Startups to Watch For in 2021

  With the global pandemic underway, educational technologies and disruptive learning solutions have come to the forefront. More and more students and adults want to learn from the comfort of their homes as it keeps their families and friends safe from harm. The variety of learning channels available today cannot be overstated. EdTech...
kristinwendys 26 Jan '21

Machine Learning in Retail: 5 juicy examples

We have already got used to the fact that news about the achievements in the field of machine learning implementation comes down to self-driving cars, talking robots, and psychedelic pictures created by neural networks. However, what if we look at the other side and see how machine learning (ML) affects more familiar industries, such as retail....
Alex_Kry 04 Jan '21

EdTech Entrepreneur? The 2020 Australian EdTech Market Census Survey is open

The 2020 Australian EdTech Market Census survey data collection is now underway. We’re looking for every Australian EdTech company to take the survey.  Giving just 10 mins of your time will help us understand the current EdTech landscape and how COVID-19 has affected the market. This is the third EdTech Market Census undertaken in the...
RuthJ 17 Jul '20

World’s first app screens for Dyslexia in minutes using Artificial Intelligence

Dystech, an Australian start-up, winner of the EduGrowth competition 2019 is using the technological power of AI and Machine Learning to solve real-world problems, has created the world’s first app that screens for dyslexia, giving the user a percentage likelihood of having the disorder in just minutes. Individuals with dyslexia have trouble...
hugorichard 11 Jun '20

EduGrowth EdTech Business Plan Competition opens 9 September

Do you have an innovative business idea in the education technology and innovation space? The EduGrowth business plan competition is your chance to secure an equity free grant to help you get your edtech off the ground!  It’s a simple business plan competition designed to draw out new ideas that need some support to...
RuthJ 03 Sep '19