State of impact startups in Australia

📈 The Giant Leap Fund has released it’s inaugural Impact Startups Benchmark Report.

🌎 Giant Leap’s mission is to grow the impact startup ecosystem, made up of game-changing founders with ambitions to change the world for the better, by proving that their businesses are excellent financial investments. This report is their first step in tracking how they’re doing, pulling together data from our their deal flow, trawling public databases, and hearing perspectives from all over the impact startup space.

Some of the insights include:

🚀 One fifth of Australian startups have embedded social or environmental impact

💸 Over the last 5 years, the percentage of impact startups as a proportion of all funded Australian startups has increased 1.5x, to now be almost a quarter of deals

👋 There are at least 67 support organisations (funders, accelerators, coworking etc) for impact startups in Australia

Check out the report here for more.