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In June 2020, Startup Victoria partnered with the City of Melbourne to the Startup Summit – a day of startup insights and education for early-stage founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. The Startup Summit featured several panel discussions and webinars on startup 101 topics, including; de-coding product-market fit; the different investment and funding options available; how to build a successful startup team and tips for self-management and founder wellbeing. 

This resources page includes recordings of the four main sessions, as well as additional resources from the event Slack channel and speakers.

Decoding Product-Market Fit

This session covers the fundamentals of product-market fit and what it really means for your business. The aim is to provide founders with the tools and frameworks required to systematically measure and obtain it.

Speakers: Maxine Lee, COO at Skalata Ventures and Dan Sleeman, Head of Product and Education at RMIT Activator.

Maxine and Dan’s Resource List:

Reading List:

Maxine’s Presentation Slides:


Investment 101

Have you ever wondered what makes a startup investable? What investors are truly looking for? What do good terms look like? Join industry experts, LUNA and a startup investor for all the answers in this 101 on startup capital raising. You can expect to walk away from this talk with an understanding of types of common startup funding rounds, cap tables and dilution.

Speaker: Ronen Heine, Founder & CEO at Luna Startup Studio

LUNA’s Resource List

Reading List + Useful Tools

  • Airtree Investor List – A resource for founders aiming to make the task of navigating the world of startup investors and investment a little easier.
  • Meeting Etiquette  – LUNA’s tips on initial investment meetings.
  • Investor Update – A monthly update email template to send to your investors.
  • Due Diligence – A guide to Due Diligence, what it is and the typical process.
  • Data Room – A checklist of data on your startup for investor meetings.

LUNA’s Presentation Slides


Building a Successful Startup Team

When launching or building a successful startup, one of your most important assets will be your team. This session will answer important questions around the different methods of hiring, the roles you need to prioritise, how to assess talent (and yourself!), and how to look at remuneration structures to attract the best possible humans to go on the ride with you.

Speaker: Matt Smith, Managing Partner at MitchelLake Group

Reading List + Useful Tools

  • Harrison Metal – Harrison Metal invests in early stage technology companies led by exceptional founders.
  • Vervoe – Vervoe offers skill testing software that helps customers hire clients based on how well they do the job, eliminating unconscious bias.
  • Vervoe Founder Interview – Vervoe founder Omer Molad was interviewed for the first edition of Duct Tape.
  • Video on Cognitive Distortion – Direct link to the video played during the presentation.
  • Be Applied – Applied provide unbiased recruitment tools that help businesses implement a fair and inclusive hiring process.
  • Cake Equity – Cake streamlines share registries, capital raises, employee share schemes, and valuations.
  • Cake Equity Blog – Cake Equity blog provides facts and baseline knowledge.
  • High Growth Handbook – Advice and information on investment for rapidly-scaling companies. Written by Elad Gil, a serial entrepreneur, operating executive, and investor or advisor to private companies including AirBnB, Pinterest, Square, Stripe.
  • Airtree’s ASOP document –  Open source resources and templates that can help Aussie startups save precious time (and legal bills).

Matt’s Presentation Slides


Self-Management & Founder Wellbeing

Success doesn’t come without its challenges. Burnout and mental health issues are increasing side-effects in the startup space. In this fireside chat, Alex will share his personal journey co-founding one of Australia’s fastest-growing startups, discussing mental health, energy management and how to change the tide on a culture of overwork and burnout.

Speakers: Alex Zaccaria, Co-Founder & CEO at Linktree and Jane Martino, Co-Founder of Smiling Mind

Reading List + Useful Tools

  • Smiling Mind’s Mindful Month – A month-long movement to help you establish positive mental health practices for now and into the future.
  • Startup Success Series: Founder Mental Health & Wellbeing – Startup Victoria’s webinar on founder mental health & wellbeing, as well as accompanying resources.
  • The 5am Club – A book by Robin Sharma, detailing the development of his morning routine designed for efficiency, mindfulness and productivity.
  • Beyond Blue – An organisation that provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

Jane’s Presentation Slides


Everything Else

Here you’ll find resources and links from the day that don’t fit into any of the above categories, including Startup Victoria and Massoga Massage Yoga resources.

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Massoga Massage Yoga

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