Startup Success Series: Winding Down your Startup

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If you’re not seeing the success you had hoped for with your business, should you wind down your startup? It can be incredibly difficult to know when it’s time to kill your startup, and on top of that even harder to do so gracefully. For many early-stage founders, their startup is a labour of love – it can be as difficult emotionally as it can be logistically.

That’s why for this edition of the Startup Success Series, we spoke with expert panellists Ronen Heine, founder & CEO of LUNA and Dean Sperroni, founder of Suped Pty Ltd & ex-CEO of Vent on winding down your startup.

Virtual Event Recording

About: Watch the webinar recording below to learn more about Ronen and Dean’s experiences working with and winding down startups respectively, including their advice and answers to audience Q&A’s. Startup Vic CEO Judy Anderson moderates.


3:07 – Introductions
11:49 – Ronen’s experience helping startups wind down
17:00 – Dean’s lived experience of winding down a startup
21:00 – Culture of failure in startups
28:12 – The logistics of winding down a company
35:10 – Dean’s experience communicating with investors through winding down
40:14 – What can you do after winding down your startup?
43:05 – Q&A

Reading Resources

About: We’ve collated a list of online articles and resources on winding down your startup for further reading.

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