Startup Success Series: Monetising a Freemium Model

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Some of the most successful startups on the planet utilise the freemium business model. Spotify, Slack and Dropbox have all shown that freemium can work – but how do you turn your userbase into paying customers so you can continue to grow your business?

It isn’t easy – for every Evernote and SurveyMonkey who rode the freemium rocket to soaring heights, there are a multitude of businesses that were unable to monetise their free users. So what’s the secret to effective conversion?

This edition of the Startup Success Series provides advice to those high-performing founders who are ready to take their business to the next level and convert users to paying consumers. We discuss examples from startups who have successfully created a paying customer base from initially free users, as well as providing practical advice and tips from an expert panel featuring Mikey De Wildt, Co-founder & COO of Influx and John Sherwood, Co-founder of

Virtual Event Recording

About: Watch the webinar recording below to learn more about Mikey, John and their experiences as founders and with idea validation and problem-focusing, followed by an audience Q&A.


2:30 – Introductions
6:29 – Defining the freemium model
14:17 – Free vs freemium
18:48 – Conversion rates
22:12 – Changing to freemium
32:38 – Failed experiments
38:00 – Q&A

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Reading Resources

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