Startup Success Series: Leading for High Performance & Wellbeing

The Startup Success Series is designed to provide insight and education on the topics that matter most to the founder community right now.

Each week Startup Victoria hosts a 1-hour webinar for the community, focussing on a specific topic. There’s only so much we can squeeze into 60 minutes, so following each webinar you can access further resources in our Startup Success Series articles.

The Startup Success Series is supported by LaunchVic.

LaunchVic is Victoria’s startup development agency. LaunchVic invests in organisations and projects that empower entrepreneurs to scale innovative companies and deliver new industry benefits to the Victorian economy.

Leading a team through changing and unpredictable conditions is no easy feat, particularly with the added transition of working from home. We invited three experts to share their experience of keeping the ship steady during a crisis.

Virtual Event Recording

About: Watch the webinar recording below for an update on the investment landscape and what changes to expect from some of Australia’s best known VC firms. Expert panellists include; Kirstin Hunter, co-founder and MD of Future Super; Hugh Williams, co-founder and CEO of CS in Schools; and Kath Rau, Global People Operations Director of Culture Amp.


  • 3:09 – Introductions
  • 8:23 – What does a good culture look like in a virtual world?
  • 15:58 – What should we avoid doing to avoid a toxic culture?
  • 17:43 – How do you make sure your workforce is productive?
  • 25:57 – Employee growth pathways advice
  • 28:00 – How should founders and leaders be thinking about employee wellbeing?
  • 37:15 – How as a leader can you look after your own wellbeing?
  • 45:14 – What should founders be thinking about as the situation changes and we begin to transition back to the office?
  • 48:57 – Advice for founders with vulnerable companies

Key Insights from Webinar

About: A bullet point list of key insights and points from the webinar discussion.

  • Your actions have to match your words. Marry this up to your values and mission.
  • Build shared accountability for performance. Give each person skin in the game. 
  • Focus on processes to help with performance and productivity.
  • Find free and creative resources to support people.
  • Map your old work structure to your new life (walking meetings, etc.)
  • Lead with empathy. Try to understand each individuals experience. 
  • Self-care is important for leaders too.
  • Be vulnerable, lead with authenticity.
  • Be honest, but don’t share the scary ups and downs. Share principles, not details.

Square Peg’s Letter to Founders and CEOs on COVID-19

About: Square Peg have posted a letter to founders and CEOs on their blog that shares some of their observations on leading companies through economic downturns.

Wellbeing, leadership and business impact are amongst the subjects discussed – read the post here to learn more.

Future Super’s Blog

About: The creative team at Future Super regularly document their experiences building their brand and lessons they learn in the process. You can access the blog here, with these articles specifically discussing remote working:

Colour Space’s Guide to Reopening Offices

About: Colour Space have put together a guide to reopening offices, all the way from safety recommendations through to looking after people’s mental health.

You can access the guide here.


Further resources

If there are further resources and programs on this topic that may be helpful for founders, please contact us and we will update this page.