Startup Success Series: How Do You Do Great Customer Discovery?

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Every startup’s first major challenge is finding their initial customers and reaching out to your audience can be a daunting prospect. How do you spread the word and find your ideal clients?

Defining your customers, conducting research into their habits and setting a communications strategy that conveys the value of your offering is all part of the process of going from ‘no-one knows us’ to your first 100 customers. But once you’re there, you have even more to think about. Dividing your audience into segments and defining your ideal customer profile will also play into every aspect of your startup and the service/product it offers.

That’s why for this edition of the Startup Success Series, we spoke with an expert panel to provide advice for first-time founders and early-stage startups on customer discovery strategies, research tips and techniques and how to gain insights from your existing customer base. We were joined by Katelyn Sharratt, Learning and Innovation Manager at the Wade Institute with Startup Vic’s Director of Programs and Partnerships Poppy Trewhella hosting.

Virtual Event Recording

About: Watch the webinar recording below to learn more about Katelyn, and her advice on customer discovery, followed by an audience Q&A.


1:42 – Introductions
8:30 – What to do when you have your idea
14:20 – Customer discovery as a validation process
16:58 – Example: MimicTec
21:32 – Example: Curvecrete
25:27 – How to do great customer discovery?
35:38 – Who do we interview?
39:40 – Q&A

Katelyn’s Slides

Take a look and download Katelyn’s presentation slides:

Customer Interview Script

Download an editable PDF of a Customer Interview Template Script from the Wade Institute!

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