Startup Success Series: Great Design to Grow Your Startup

The Startup Success Series is designed to provide insight and education on the topics that matter most to the founder community right now.

Each week Startup Victoria hosts a 1-hour webinar for the community, focussing on a specific topic. There’s only so much we can squeeze into 60 minutes, so following each webinar you can access further resources in our Startup Success Series articles.

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Product design – it’s a phrase you’ll hear a lot if you’re a founder or part of a startup, but what does it actually mean? Despite what the name suggests, digital product design isn’t solely about aesthetics (although they are important) – it’s about everything that takes place in the process of taking your startup from an idea and putting it in your customer’s hands. Solving problems through UX, UI, asthetics and process is at the heart of product design, but how do you build your startup whilst keeping this a priority?

For this edition of the Startup Success Series, we heard from Matt Shanks, Principal Digital Product Designer at Cogent as he taught us everything we need to know about how great product design can benefit and grow your startup.

Virtual Event Recording

About: Watch the webinar recording below with Matt’s presentation on government grants and incentives followed by an audience Q&A.


  • 2:10​ – Introductions
  • 4:20​ – Presentation begins
  • 9:06​ – Research
  • 22:59​ – Interaction Design
  • 34:25​ – Visual Design
  • 45:11​ – Q&A

Matt’s Presentation Slides

  • Matt has made his presentation slides available – click below to download!

Recommended Reading

  • Be sure to check out The Luma Institute. They describe all of the techniques Matt talks about in the presentation so it’s a great “How-To” intro for founders to gather evidence without having to be a high-price for ‘research’. Take a look here!