Startup Success Series: Government Grants & Incentives

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Navigating your way through the maze that is available government support for your startup can be daunting. You have to stay on top of eligibility criteria, competing priorities, looming deadlines and a seemingly never-ending mountain of paperwork. It’s no small task, especially for first-time and early-stage founders who have never been through this process before, and likely have 100 other things to think about.

That’s why for this edition of the Startup Success Series, we welcomed Dr Rita Choueiri and Jonathon Larosa from accounting and advisory firm William Buck to give a presentation on everything you need to know about available government grants and incentives for your startup.

Virtual Event Recording

About: Watch the webinar recording below with Rita and Jonathon’s presentation on government grants and incentives followed by an audience Q&A.


1:45 – Introductions
6:25 – Why grants?
7:29 – The R&D Tax Incentive
19:05 – Boosting Female Founders Initiative
20:33 – Innovation Connections
22:05 – Other grants and incentives
26:30 – Early Stage Innovation Companies (ESIC)
31:08 – ROI for ESIC investments
39:00 – ESIC examples
41:14 – Federal Budget 2021
43:17 – Q&A

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