Startup Success Series: Financial Metrics for Founders

The Startup Success Series is designed to provide insight and education on the topics that matter most to the founder community right now.

Each week Startup Victoria hosts a 1-hour webinar for the community, focussing on a specific topic. There’s only so much we can squeeze into 60 minutes, so following each webinar you can access further resources in our Startup Success Series articles.

The Startup Success Series is supported by LaunchVic.

LaunchVic is Victoria’s startup development agency. LaunchVic invests in organisations and projects that empower entrepreneurs to scale innovative companies and deliver new industry benefits to the Victorian economy.

For this edition of the Startup Success Series, we were joined by new Industry Partner, Standard Ledger, for a presentation on startup metrics and dashboards!

You’re a startup, which means traditional finance metrics won’t cut it. By the time something shows up in your balance sheet or P&L, it’s usually too late (that’s if it shows up at all).

You need startup metrics to measure and drive your business. You need nimble metrics that lead the way instead of lagging behind so you can see what’s working, what’s not and adjust accordingly.

Once you’re paying attention to the right things, you’ll have a better handle on your business. You’ll be able to drive it in the right direction. And you’ll be much more attractive to investors, too. Win-win!

Virtual Event Recording

About: Watch the webinar recording below with Standard Ledger’s presentation on government grants and incentives followed by an audience Q&A.


  • 1:15​ – Introductions
  • 6:41​ – How to value an SaaS business
  • 14:00​ – What metrics are important and when
  • 15:31​ – Progress dashboard
  • 17:08​ – Key startup metrics
  • 35:55​ – Q&A

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