Startup Success Series: Building Teams with Employee Shares

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Building Teams with Employee Shares

Are you looking to attract the best people to help build your startup? Or perhaps it’s retaining your highly skilled staff that’s keeping you up at night?

This week we’re joined by Jason Atkins, CEO & Co-founder of Cake Equity who will be teaching us how to navigate Employee Share Schemes.

We’ll be answering questions like:

  • What’s the point of offering employee shares?
  • What are the technicalities?
  • How much should you give away? And to who?
  • How will it affect team culture?

Virtual Event Recording


0:33 – Introduction
3:03 – About Cake Equity
18:25 – ESS startup-up concession qualification
​30:00 – Case studies and valuation
37:57 – Audience Q&A

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