Startup Success Series: Brand 101

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A brand is more than a memorable logo and an interesting colour palette. A strong brand can convey your values, story and service to both current and potential customers. But where do you start when building a brand from scratch? Does it have to take hours (and lots of $) to get it right?

This time we were joined by Shane Duggan, Partner @ Ne-Lo. Shane works with brands to improve how customers and employees experience their products and services.

In this edition of the Startup Success Series, Shane covers:

  • What do we mean by brand?
  • How do you create one- where should you start?
  • How does it relate to things like your company values and purpose?
  • What’s the difference between internal and external brand?
  • What are the practical tips to make a brand live?
  • Should you iterate brand and if so, how often?

Tune in below and get your answers to these common branding questions.

Virtual Event Recording

About: Watch the webinar recording below followed by an audience Q&A.


2:09​ – Introductions
4:20 – What is a brand?
12:51 – Purpose and Vision
20:51​ – How do you make a brand live?
27:49 – Q&A

Presentation Slides

  • Download your own copy of Shane’s slides below.

This webinar was originally recorded on Friday 16th April 2021.