Startup Success: Raising Capital Using SAFE(r) Notes

Are you looking to raise capital for your startup? Looking to bring investors on board? Perhaps struggling to determine your startup valuation?

Simple Agreements for Future Equity (also known as a SAFE Note) and a great way to raise capital for your business. They are designed to be simple agreements that allow you to take on investment from investors that will convert into equity in the future.

SAFEs are now widely used from Pre-Seed Stage, to Series A funding in Australia. They are often used where valuations are hard to determined, and to accelerate high growth start-ups, in ad hoc “bridging rounds”.

The SAFE was created to speed up capital raising, with less complexity and headaches but there are a number of areas where current SAFE templates can be improved.

You can expect to learn about:

  • What is a SAFE note and how does it work
  • How are SAFE notes used in early startup capital raising
  • Tips for startup capital raising success
  • How to use the new Aussie Safer note template

Video Recording

The recording will be available very soon.


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