Start(up) Reading – the best curated list of written advice from across the web for startup founders.

Building a successful enduring startup is one of the hardest endeavors of life.

Surprisingly it is statistically way harder than climbing Everest. In fact, those that attempt climbing Everest are about 6 times more likely to succeed than someone that attempts to build a startup.

It is said that around 9 in 10 startups fail. Sometimes this is because it was the wrong idea, maybe wrong timing, wrong people, wrong strategy or simply wrong execution.

However the consistent overarching theme that drives both success and failure is centered in decision making. And every startup journey is full of decisions. Decisions that go right and decisions that become mistakes – mistakes that often in hindsight could have been avoided if the right advice was sought or provided.

This is the thinking behind Start(up) Reading. A resource of the best written advice from thought leaders from across the web specifically curated for early stage founders.

It aims to help you make better decisions, avoid common mistakes and improve your chances of success.

A great piece of advice I was once given was to read a lot and seek advice when you are making critical decisions – so start reading.

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