Startup funding levels at record highs into April but has the Covid 19 induced decline of startup funding begun?

Techboard has published our latest on the state of startup and tech funding in Australia covering the first 4 months of 2020.

In order to provide greater insight into how the funding environment is evolving in the light of COVID 19 Techboard has started looking at funding data on a monthly basis. This release provides commentary on the first four months of funding data for 2020.

In summary, the top line figures are strong with $1.75b in funding during the March Quarter and just over $1b in April, with record amounts of private funding in both the March Quarter ($1.2m) and the month of April ($890m). But there seems to be a decline at most deal sizes below $100m and other funding types are not faring as well as private investment.

Victorian Startups were responsible for $597m (34.1%) of funding in the March quarter and over 75% of funding in April on the back of massive raises by JudoBank and Airwallex.

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Watch out for our next update for May 2020 coming out soon.


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