Pitch Night: HerStartup Showcase

We received over 60 impressive applications for the upcoming Pitch Night: HerStartup on Tuesday 29th September. Check our some of our favourite women-led startups below ✨

Acorn Games | acorngames.com.au

Founder: Andrea

Pitch: We create online competitive multiplayer games (e-sports) which are designed for a child’s level of ability and also designed to create a safe, age appropriate community.

Ask: Seeking investors to fund development of a new online multiplayer game for young players (8-14).

Contact: andrea@acorngames.com.au

Legal Tech Helper | legaltechhelper.com.au

Founders: Samantha Lovrich and Tatiana Lenz

Pitch: Legal Tech Helper co-designs and builds customised software and provides consulting services focused on bridging the access to justice gap.

Ask: Opportunities to connect with clients (courts and tribunals, government agencies, law firms, legal aid organisations, community legal centres and other organisations).

Contact: samantha@legaltechhelper.com.au

The Leaf Protein Co | theleafprotein.com

Founders: Fern Ho and Rob Blum

Pitch: We are a food ingredient company founded with the purpose to start a protein revolution by unlocking earth’s most abundant source of protein, leaves.

Ask: Connection with food manufacturers and brands with plant based products, and seeking seed funding.

Contact: fern.ho@theleafprotein.com

Archimigo | archimigo.io

Founders: Noor Magesh and Magesh Dhanasekaran

Pitch: Archimigo is a digital security architect that helps design, continuously validate and enforce security controls for any technology project.

Ask: Investment.

Contact: noor@archimgio.io

Ai on Spectrum | aionspectrum.com

Founders: Gillian Ong, Kateryna Tsysarenko & Anton Polevyy

Pitch: EmoDo is an inclusive educational platform that helps children learn emotional intelligence, build social resilience and improve their mental wellbeing.

Ask: Connections to parents/carers of children who would like to join our community in preparation for private beta testing, but even if you’d just like to assist with the process, you’re very welcome!

Contact: info@aionspectrum.com

baresop. l zero water. zero waste | baresop.com

Founder: Prisca Ongonga-Daehn

Pitch: Our home compostable hand and body washing powder soap concept make it easy for you to reduce your single used plastic waste

Ask: Co-Founder and B2B sales lead.

Contact: Prisca@baresop.com

Courageous Kids | courageouskids.com.au

Founder: Dr Kathryn Hackman

Pitch: Preparing your child for everyday challenges with personalised stories and games.

Ask: I’m looking to build strategic partnerships for distribution and to scale the business.

Contact: courageouskidsau@gmail.com

The Creative Co-Operative | thecreativeco-operative.com

Founder: Priyanka Ashraf

Pitch: Diversify your procurement to help lift the systemic barriers of entry to professional work faced by migrant Women of Colour and international students.

Ask: Introductions to organisations who are looking for design, marketing and web design services.

Contact: creative.cooperative.au@gmail.com

Maxme | maxme.com.au

Founder: Renata Sguario

Pitch: Maxme was established to answer the unmet need for human skills development, to improve work readiness and strength in our youth, and help close the gender imbalance that exists in today’s workplaces.

Ask: visit us at our website (www.maxme.com.au) and recommend the Hodie app to all of the young people in your network (coming to the Apple and Google play stores from mid-October 2020).

Contact: renata@maxme.com.au

nutribe | nutribe.org

Founder: Nanisha Alvina Rajadurai

Pitch: nutribe aims to educate the wider community on how to implement a ‘Planetary Health Diet’ through a revolutionary meal plan service for the betterment of the people and the planet.

Ask: Connections and mentoring with people in the food justice through climate action, food sustainability, health and well-being, and edu-tech spaces, opportunities to partake in pre-accelerators/incubators.

Contact: nanisha@nutribe.org 

Child Nation | jessicawilson.com.au/child-nation

Founder: Jessica Wilson

Pitch: Child Nation is an app based collection of games that use simple prompts to guide kids to use their own homes and adults in subversive creative adventures.

Ask: We are interested in connecting with impact investors.

Contact: jess@jessicawilson.com.au

Biobrain | biobrain.com.au

Founder: Caroline Cotton

Pitch: Biobrain creates outstanding STEM learning apps for secondary school Biology, Chemistry and Physics students.

Ask: Looking for a cofounder and seed investors.

Contact: caroline.cotton@biobrain.com.au

Food Around the Hood | foodaroundthehood.com.au

Founder: Lucy Munanto

Pitch: A digital marketplace for online food makers.

Ask: Connection to people in media covering food/hospitality industry, and investors interested in the food marketing and delivery space.

Contact: foodaroundthehood@gmail.com

Little Green Panda | littlegreenpanda.com

Founders: Manon Beauchamp-Tardieu, Teresa Aylott, Loris Campanile & Darine Djendoubi

Pitch: LGP is a social enterprise on a mission to combat the single use plastic crisis by mixing innovation and sustainability to create better products.

Ask: We’re looking for connections in the F&B industry as well as connections to people in the bioplastic / manufacturing industry as we expand our range of products.

Contact: hello@littlegreenpanda.com

Milkdrop | milkdroppumps.com

Founder: Alex Sinickas

Pitch: Helping new mums express milk in comfort with a new super soft breast pump cushion. 

Ask: Marketing support for launch and scale, retail / distribution experts.

Contact: hello@milkdroppumps.com

InRo | inro.life/

Founders: Vonne Yang & Shuyen Phoon

Pitch: Reduce Australians consumption of fast fashion by providing a convenient and guilt free alternative – a rental service of stylish second hand clothing that is a perfect addition to basics people already own.

Ask: Advice from financial experts, contacts for carbon neutral shipping, cleaning of clothing, and storage, tech solutions to streamline operations

Contact: hello@inro.life