Perfect software development team for your startup: How to find?

The success of every startup highly depends on the right choice of the software development team. So, how to choose the right team among thousands of others to build software for your startup? How does the perfect startup software development team look like? How the roles in such a team are distributed?

Let’s figure it out 😉

We have prepared for you the list of requirements that startup development team should meet:

  1. Solid development experience and an amazing portfolio.
  2. Experience in working with projects from different industries.
  3. Good clients reviews and adherence to deadlines.
  4. Having all the key team members to develop a startup.
  5. English-speaking team members.

What is the distribution of the roles in a startup software development team?
The distribution may differ from one methodology to another. Yet, the Scrum is perfect for startup launch. So, here we have to distinguish the following roles: manager, product owner and team.

To learn more about the startup development team, we recommend you read our full article on this topic.

May the power of the market be with you!