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Office hours is a chance for founders to seek out advisors with the help of Startup Vic. Whether you need some specific advice on an area of your startup, or more general direction, advisors have a wealth of experience to share.

You can browse through the profiles below to find the advisor most suited to your challenge.

Please note, this is not a mentoring relationship. The Office Hours Program offers one-off calls of 30 minutes to solve challenges, point you in the right direction or bounce some ideas around.

You can view the terms and conditions for the Office Hours Program here. To book a time with an office hours advisor, you will need to sign up with a Founder Connect Membership.


Scott Handsaker

Early Stage Startup Advisor
Cyber Security, Events Anything Startup Related, B2B SaaS, Customer Discovery, Enterprise GTM, Investment, Validation Online

Rita Choueiri

Director (Partner) of R&D Incentives, William Buck
Biotechnology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Mining & Resources, Technology R&D related government grants, R&D Tax Incentive Compliance Online

Peter Cameron

Entrepreneur and Investor
Education, Export, SAAS, Software Building great teams, Creating awesome organisational culture, Creative Growth, Defining business values and behaviours, Wowing your clients Online

Andrew Miles

Mentor, Director & Investor
AgriTech, AI/Machine Learning, AquaTech, BioTech, Deep Tech, Iot, MedTech, SAAS, Sports Tech Due Dilligence, IP Analytics, Pre/SEED Investment, R&D Tax Online

Farah Essack

Legal Counsel at GoCardless
All Categories, SAAS, Technology Legal Online

Louis Zetlin

Startup Lawyer at LUNA
All Categories Blockchain & Digital Assets, Business Purchases and Sales, Business Structuring & Setup, Deep tech & Web 4.0, Energy & Greentech, Fintech Regulatory, Founder Equity, Investment and fundraising, Startup Law Online

Douglas English

Co-founder & CTO of Culture Amp
Banking and Finance, HR Architecture, Building Companies, Building High Performance Engineering Teams, Event Sourcing, Product Development Online

Fab Mackojc

Tech & Software Expert
All Categories, App Development App Development, Design & Product, Development, Tech Architecture Online