Office Hours

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Office hours is a chance for founders to seek out advisors with the help of Startup Vic. Whether you need some specific advice on an area of your startup, or more general direction, advisors have a wealth of experience to share.

You can browse through the profiles below to find the advisor most suited to your challenge.

Please note, this is not a mentoring relationship. The Office Hours Program offers one-off calls of 30 minutes to solve challenges, point you in the right direction or bounce some ideas around.

You can view the terms and conditions for the Office Hours Program here. To book a time with an office hours advisor, you will need to sign up as a Future Founder, Founder or Growth Club membership with Startup Vic.


Hari Iyer

Founder and CEO @ SyncEzy
All Categories, Construction, Outsourcing, Project Management, Trade Services API Integration, Bootstrapping, Product/Market Fit, Software Integrations, Validation Online


Early stage Australian tech VC
AI and Data, All Categories, B2B Tech, Software/SaaS Financial and Capital Strategy Online

Todd Deacon

MD @ Techstars
All Categories, Health, SportsTech Athlete Investors, Business Strategy, Product/Market Fit Online

John Sherwood

Co-founder and Developer @
All Categories, Education, Marketing Bootstrapping, Remote Working, SaaS, Software Development, Team Management Online

Mark Wells

CEO & Managing Director @ Cogent
B2B Saas, Electric Vehicles, Energy, Energy Tech Fundraising, growth strategy, Pitch decks, product management, shareholder negotiation, tech teams Online

Fab Mackojc

Head of Sales @ Dovetail
All Categories, App Development App Development, Design & Product, Development, Tech Architecture Online

Wasi Rizvi

Cyber Security Advisor
Any Cyber Program Management, Cyber Security Compliance, Product Security, Risk Management, Security Architecture, Security Operations and Incident Management Online

Valerie Judge

Managing Director @ Melbourne Edge Consultants
All Categories, Pyschology Early Stage Startup, Founder Perfomance, Founder Wellbeing, Managing Teams, Mental Health, Wellbeing Online

Matt Smith

Managing Partner @ MitchelLake Group
All Categories Hiring, Human Capital, Human Resources, Talent, Talent Management Online