Office Hours Terms and Conditions

Startup Victoria Office Hours Terms and Conditions 

As a Startup Victoria member, you have the opportunity to book 30 minute 1-1 sessions with our advisors. They can provide you with general advice in relation to your startup-related questions.

Office Hours Tips

Here are our top tips in order to make the most out of your Office Hours session:

  • Ensure you’ve chosen the most suitable advisor for your question.
  • Show up on time and come prepared with 1-2 specific questions.
  • Book your sessions via our Calendly booking system and not independently. 
  • Be conscious of how many bookings you make with each advisor.
  • Enjoy the conversation!

Cancelation Policy

We get it. Life happens! If you are unable to make your session, no worries, you can cancel or reschedule your session 24 hours before the booking time. Advisors also have the right to cancel or reschedule your booking based on their availability and suitability to answer your questions.

Terms and Conditions

This is a startup community support program and the advisor is not liable for the advice given. If you choose to act on advice shared in an office hours session, this is at your own discretion.


If you have a question that’s not covered here, we’d love to hear from you via