No one likes to be thought of as a number, so please find the time to talk to your customers.

There is nothing worse than being known as a number.  A patient number, a Covid jab number, a waiting queue number, a credit card number, a customer bank number, a list of numbers on a business dashboard.

It feels dismissive, indifferent and lacks connection.

But numbers are what most businesses use to understand their customers.  In the 2019 Forrester Study How Customers Think, Feel, And Act 56% of brands say their strategy is informed nearly or fully by numbers and big data.  Yet, the same study states that 93% of brands agree that consumers are more likely to spend money with a brand that they feel connected to.

So why do businesses still insist on measuring their customers opinions only in big data?  And would you feel connected to a brand if you knew that only looked at you as a number?   For all the numbers people out there who are doubting the importance of qualitative data, Forrester has quantified its importance!  The way customers feel about your brand has a 1.5 times more impact than just looking at what people think about your brand.

How do you find out how your customers feel?

You talk to them.  You ask them.  You probe them about what life is like, what things annoy them, how they would love things to be, what would they change and how.  As a start up it is the most critical thing to do to get that product market fit.  And you won’t find those answers in a survey.

‘I don’t have time’ I hear you say.  Trust me.  Talking, investigating and probing now saves buckets of time later when you are trying to fix the problems created by going with your gut only.

So how do our startup clients find the time?  They share the conversations load.

If you are a small team, possibly 3, you spread the conversations out between each of you.  You will be able to get answers to communication questions, customer experience hiccups, product or service launch queries so you can build a brand that people actually want.  Find the time.  Talk to your customers.  Build a brand with purpose.