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Techboard is pleased to present its latest startup and young tech funding report for the quarter ending 31 March 2019. This quarter on the lead up to the Australian Federal Election we decided to do more analysis of our numbers than usual for our 'minor' reports and we identified a number of trends that may provide some cause for concern.    During the March quarter 2019 Techboard identified over 150 funding events across a broad range of funding types ranging…read more

City of Melbourne has partnered with RMIT Activator and Hub Australia to present CoMX - a 12 month accelerator program for retail and hospitality focused startups. CoM X is designed to help startups increase presence in the market, grow their network and achieve early stage traction for their business. The 12 month pilot program gives five retail and hospitality focused startups support to establish innovative solutions and ventures which will stimulate both the day and night time economies in the City of Melbourne. The program combines…read more