Melbourne Start-Up Celebrates $100K in Sales!

The online marketplace Book an Artist (BAA) celebrates the milestone in less than a year since launching.

Book An Artist was founded by Indian-Australian Gaurav Kawar, a chartered accountant working in commercial roles until 2018 when he quit his job to start BAA.

BAA is a two-sided platform where clients can easily find and hire the right artists.

He says the business was born from discussions with friends while traveling about how great it would be to have a mural painted in their homes, but frustration with how difficult it was to find and get in touch with local artists who were available for commissions.

“I also felt like other companies like Etsy and Redbubble only solve half the problem, by providing a marketplace to sell physical products but they aren’t designed to be able to connect artists with clients who want to commission bespoke art,” says Gaurav.

The platform is now live in 6 cities across the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. It currently has 100 artists on board across the mural art and illustration category.

The platform he’s developed now functions as a directory for artists and specific art styles, gallery, messaging and booking service all in one.

Book an Artist’s users are some of their biggest proponents.

So far the business has been involved in everything from painting cafés and restaurants, corporate offices, to garden fences and painting live events.

Some notable commissions include…

  • A massive outdoor mural on the side of a building for Core Climbing in Gold Coast
  • A portrait of celebrated EPL soccer player “Sonny” Son Heung-min for a Korean television channel painted in London
  • A portable pizza oven/trailer for Lil Ellen’s Pizza in Melbourne
  • A mural for Sakonis Indian restaurant in London.

“We believe that art can truly energize spaces, drive business and growth and encourage further public engagement with brands or spaces,” says Gaurav. “Murals and graffiti art are a unique design choice more spaces are considering as they go to redesign and revamp their boring blank walls. We now have plans to add more categories. We want to be the brand – If you want an artist, go to Book an Artist.”

Want to read more? Here’s a link to BAA’s Interview with Mural Artist Otto: