LENSELL recognised as one of The 15 Australian Fintech Companies to Watch in 2021

LENSELL has been recognised as one of The 15 Australian Fintech Companies to Watch in 2021, by the Australian Business Journal.

Excerpt from the article about LENSELL:

“LENSELL is an amazing Fintech business that helps people make better decisions with the help of data-driven insight. It was founded by Dr Laura Rusu, a woman with an extensive background in computer science and economics who decided to use her experience in the corporate world and academia as a software engineer, researcher, and lecturer to create an effective platform.

On the Lensell platform, people can access transparent and affordable financial and non-financial corporate performance data and insight. The platform provides several applications: one for companies to report financial results in a standard digital format, one for investors to build diversified portfolios, and one that enables people to learn more about polluting facilities in Australia. Lensell also provides LEI registration services so companies can get their unique global identifiers and comply with ASIC regulations.

Overall, the platform and its many applications are all unique and they help people solve complex problems in a novel and effective way. Perhaps the most outstanding application is the Portfolio Planning and Diversification Tool, Diversiview.

Diversiview® is the first tool that allows retail investors to employ Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory to the point. Investors can visualise the deep, granular diversification at security level, and see how that impacts on the expected return and risk (variance of returns) for the portfolio. They can test various scenarios to find the combinations of securities that suit their risk and return expectations, or they can use the Balancer – a unique feature that uses advanced optimisation techniques to help investors find the allocations that may achieve a target for their portfolio – that is, maximum return, minimum risk, or the maximum possible return at the minimum possible risk.”