Law Squared Business Emergency Room


With the Federal government’s recent announcement in relation to changes to the JobKeeper programme, we’ve had a number of businesses contact us with the ultimate realisation that JobKeeper is ultimately keeping their business alive and irrespective of the government’s potential extension, business viability is limited as a result of the tragic impacts caused by COVID-19. We’ve seen retail, hospitality, tourism, technology and professional service businesses seek guidance and assistance as they navigate the options available to them once the government’s life support is turned off.

To respond to these challenges which clients are facing, Law Squared have teamed up with various partners of ours, to launch the “Business Emergency Room”, to work with corporate, business and personal clients to focus on post COVID-19 options for their businesses.



The Business Emergency Room allows businesses to go through a four step process starting with a 1 hour in confidence and free “Business Diagnosis” with a lawyer from Law Squared, along with their accountant, a corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy Specialist (if necessary) and a representative of your business if they are a client of yours and wish to provide some specific insight into the future of the business. Businesses will be able to utilise the Business Emergency Room to focus on issues such as:

  • Capital and restructuring

  • Cash flow issues

  • Contractual disputes

  • HR and employment issues

  • Business partnership issues

  • Tax and corporate debt

  • Post COVID insolvency

  • Leasing and leasing commitments

With the 6 month moratorium on insolvent trading and the reduction on the threshold to issuance a statutory demands ending in September 2020, we want to help businesses be prepared and consider all their options before facing an avalanche of liability post September 2020.

We understand that COVID has thrown many businesses and directors off course. With the assistance of experts at Law Squared and our trusted partners, we aim to provide certainty in navigating the field post COVID and provide options to businesses through our Business Emergency Room.

To read more about the Business Emergency Room, visit Law Squared’s page here.

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