Tourism Partnerships Manager – Melbourne

Job description

You: A partnerships guru, with a love of travel and sports and a desire to set the direction of your career in the startup industry. You will develop and cultivate relationships with partners across travel, tourism and international student networks, from travel agencies to backpacker groups and everything in between. This includes direct client relations to developing marketing and communication strategies to growing international visitors that use the SportsHosts platform while collaborating closely with our marketing team.

We value quality over quantity. This role requires a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and good project management skills.


Us: A start-up building a world-first, global platform that enables travellers to find local sport fans to take them to a match and experience the local game day.


Our culture

We don’t just celebrate diversity; we empower people to explore and embrace it. The vision is a platform that makes it possible for anyone to be a global citizen – building a network of people around the world, even if you never leave your hometown.


We’re inspired by sport’s ability to break boundaries, allowing people from all walks of life to mix freely together. And given there are more sports fans in the world than any other universal human interest it means sports fan can connect on a global scale personally, not electronically more than any other group of people in the history of the world. Think about it; that is breaking boundaries!  


But it doesn’t stop there, we have taken the same theme into how we are creating our company. Building a new global social network doesn’t just happen, it takes a belief that the seemly impossible is doable, how by hard work sweat and tears? Well, that is not exactly how we see it, working hard at times absolutely, but it much more than that. It is being willing to undertake a personal journey,  learning about yourself and be open to personal growth. We believe just like any athlete you don’t become the worlds best by staying the same.


Through experience we have learned being a start-up can kill you, or grow you. Growth comes from embracing challenges as opportunities, learning to remove ego as it slows creativity and growth down. And not getting overwhelmed by staying present and enjoying what is happening now rather than worrying about what happened yesterday or what may or may not happen tomorrow.


And this is not just theory, we are developing our working environment to resemble being part of a sports team, why because it is in our blood and because great sports teams achieve things others only dream about. On a practical level that means we treat every two weeks as a new match, we set a game plan and measure performance, right down to tracking every minute of our time, just like the statistics used in major sports.


That could sound scary, but it’s not; it’s about helping each other to make sure what we are spending our time on is important and will make a difference. Becuase in a start-up you have to be selective on what you do as you cannot do it all, and trying to only burns people out and kills success.


In short, we:

Believe in growth, not control.

We celebrate every win.

We use sport to build doors where others are building walls.

We believe that together we make the game.



Our ideal human:

  • Passionate about sports and travel
  • Believes in breaking boundaries
  • Read the above description and was excited about the possibilities
  • Believes in the ideal; all people are equal, no exceptions!
  • Believe in themselves
  • Believe that what challenges us ultimately make us
  • An enthusiastic, pro-active nature – cultural fit with our existing team will be key to be successful in this role
  • Energetic and outgoing with very good communication skills and  excellent engagement skills
  • Lives by the principle ‘under-promise and over deliver’
  • Understands and prioritizes client and partner needs
  • Multi-tasks efficiently and stay highly organised
  • Ability and willingness to work on deadline
  • Is creative and keen to see their ideas come to life
  • Works independently but always asks questions to learn more
  • Loves working in a fast-paced team environment
  • Can be in a room with high-powered executives one day, and then on the ground talking to travellers in an hostel
  • Has the ability to work unusual hours given the nature of the sports industry that we serve
  • Is a whiz at some of the skills below and pretty good at the others…


Must haves:

  • Business development and partnership management experience, ideally 2+ years in a related industry with emphasis in Travel and Tourism, Marketing, Media, and/or Advertising preferred
  • Be comfortable in switching between the dual strategic and operational aspects of this role
  • Proven ability to execute on a smart yet ambitious marketing plan
  • Whiz at putting together presentations and proposals for pitches
  • Experience in creating high quality, engaging content for digital channels
  • Past demonstrable experience building audiences online or offline
  • Strong writing and communication skills with attention to detail
  • Amazing at building and maintaining relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, particularly SportsHosts’s partners and prospects
  • Possess influencing, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Maintain current, reliable knowledge of industry and marketplace
  • Ability to work independently within a small team with a startup mindset


Great to have:

  • A strong network of existing travel and tourism partners based in Melbourne


Things you will do day-to-day:

  • Researching travel, tourism and international student partners who might be interested in a value-add for their current offerings to international guests
  • Contacting prospects with a view to securing a meeting
  • Preparing presentations for meetings and presenting our products to prospects
  • Be involved in brainstorming meetings, both internal and external, to come up with new and innovative ways to engage current and new fans  (based on client objectives)
  • Developing holistic partnership communication plans individualized for each partner inclusive of strategies that align with partners objectives, activation timeline, implantation tactics, and creating measurable results
  • Driving partner renewal strategy and process leveraging research, analytics, and identification of upsell
  • Maintaining day-to-day communication with partners and delivering exceptional customer service with an emphasis on building and sustaining relationships.
  • Develop and execute a MarComms strategy for SportsHosts aimed at attracting international guests
  • Manage the SportsHosts website, email communications, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium and Facebook feeds (and others) relevant to Melbourne GameDay stories
  • Produce powerful stories and blog posts around international guests and their stories
  • Social media : Generate, seed and manage external content to grow the community around international guests
  • Participating in the planning and execution of events that affect the company as a whole.


How to apply
How we’d like to work with you We are offering this contract role for 2-3 days per week on an ongoing basis. We are flexible on hours. We’d love you to be based in Melbourne so you could join the team in our CBD co-working space but we’re  happy to include remote work as needed. You will be a key member of a small team, which is motivated to in delivering a high-quality experience for both hosts and international guests at every touchpoint with SportsHosts. If that sounds like you, get in touch: CV Cover letter Links to social channel(s) Links to relevant work / portfolio
  • Company: SportsHosts
  • Job type:
  • Job role: Marketing and Partnerships
  • Salary range: 70,000
  • Location: Melbourne CBD
  • Remote: