Subject Matter Experts-Customer Solutions and Value Analytics

Job description
Job Description
About the SME Role
Start Date: from June 17, 2019
Application Close Date: June 10, 2019
We are seeking an SME with expert knowledge and experience in Customer Solutions and Value Analytics.
The role will involve assisting a leading university’s learning designers with the design of Customer Solutions and Value Analytics for online delivery.
Course Description:
This course equips you with the domain knowledge and skills required to identify and implement customer value solutions, and continually assess evolving customer needs through data analytics and insights gathering. You will map the entire customer lifecycle, from engagement through to subscription renewal, recognising the evolving needs of the customer at each stage and identifying solutions opportunities. An understanding of the core capabilities (people, process and technologies) that underpin successful solutions delivery will be taught. You will learn how to utilise data to measure key customer performance indicators such as Customer Lifetime Value and Net Promoter Score, and how to identify trends and draw insights from analysis to help grow sustainable value. Key theories and frameworks underpinning this course include customer segmentation, value pool analysis, customer loyalty, data-driven decision making, and business operating models.
To apply, kindly submit your CV to
• 60-80 hours per course
• Spread out over 9-12 weeks, or can be condensed based on the person’s availability
• No level of academic qualification required, but must be expert in course subject area with similar industry experience
• Willingness to participate in new ways of working and design processes
• Willingness to collaborate online
• Paid position (~$800 per day)
How to apply
To apply, kindly submit your CV to for consideration.
  • Company: Curio
  • Job type:
  • Job role: Subject Matter Expert
  • Salary range: approx $800 per day
  • Location: Online/Melbourne CBD
  • Remote: