Senior Rails Developer (Contract/Remote/Flexible)

Job description

YourGrocer delivers fresh food from great independent grocers, butchers, bakers and markets to homes across Melbourne. Customers place orders through our website, which is built with Rails and React. We also have various back-office apps to manage our logistics.

We’re looking for an experienced developer to join our team for an initial 3 month contract, with a view to extension or a more permanent arrangement if things are working well.

What you’ll be working on

Our tech systems have grown up over the last 7 years, and like many long-term codebases there are some issues with technical debt. We are actively prioritising dealing with these problems in order to ensure the future maintainability and scalability of the platform.

You’ll have a lot of independence to decide what is most important to work on, but these are the current priorities:

  • Improving acceptance test coverage in the most important areas
  • Upgrading old dependencies
  • Finding and fixing performance problems
  • Re-working some architectural patterns which aren’t serving us well

Who you’ll be working with

The tech team is currently small:

Liam has been with the company for a few years and has the broadest knowledge of the tech systems.

Jon has been working with the team as a contractor and started this particular piece of work. He’ll have less availability from August which is why we’re looking for someone else to carry the flame!

We also have Matt the product owner, and Lisa the designer. You might not have too much interaction with them for this particular piece of work, but they are available if needed.

Where you’ll be working

The team is based in Melbourne, Australia, but this will be a remote role, at least during COVID times!

If you’re nearby, we’d love to be able to meet up when the situation allows, but this is not a hard requirement.

If you’re further afield, you will need to have some overlap with Melbourne time.


We’re open to finding a mutually beneficial arrangement — it does not have to be 5 days per week.

About you

We’re looking for somebody who:

  • Communicates clearly with both technical and non-technical colleagues
  • Has a depth of experience with Rails, over several years
  • Makes pragmatic decisions with an understanding of effort vs reward and how their work will benefit the wider business
  • Provides insights and guidance about software design and architecture
  • Writes automated tests and cares about software quality
  • Works independently and manages their own time
How to apply
Send an email to and tell us about yourself.
  • Company: YourGrocer

  • Salary range: TBC

  • Job type: Full time

  • Location: Clifton Hill

  • Remote: Remote is possible