Senior Developer / Data Engineer

Job description

Who we are
At Finspo, we’re a new team of makers, doers, and ok, we’ll admit it…ex-bankers. But we’ve thrown away our ties, unbuttoned the uppermost buttons of our starchy white shirts and committed to helping Australian’s save money on their banking in a brand new way. We’re building an agile team of the best and brightest, working to solve complex problems and building an app that unites your finances to conquer complexity.

This position is an opportunity to build the data practice and rules engine capability which powers this new product. Data processes include ingestion, standardisation, metadata management, business rule curation, data enhancement, and statistical computation against data sources that include relational, XML, JSON, REST API, and unstructured data. This role is not about complex computation and data science, however the development of well-structured business rules and logic is a must – banking can be complex today and we need to simplify it for our users!

Scope of Responsibilities
Understand, prepare, process and analyse data to drive operational, analytical and strategic business rule development. You will program in R/Python to locate and analyse source data, create data flows to extract, profile, and store ingested data, define and build data cleansing and imputation, map to a common data model, transform to satisfy business rules and validate data content. This data will be leveraged to develop a business rules management system with the successful candidate providing thought leadership on the approach to this greenfield business problem.

  • Design and develop data integrations from a variety of sources including files, database extracts and external APIs. This includes creating data pipelines which involve complex data processing on structured and unstructured data
  • Proactively monitor the data flows with a focus on continued performance improvements
  • Design efficient data structures and database schemas
  • Develop a rule processing engine using market available tooling


  • 7+ years of experience as a data engineer, software engineer, or similar
  • Understanding how Australian retail banking products works is a plus, but not mandatory
  • Hands on experience integration with workflow orchestrators or rules processing engines such as DROOLS or Camunda or jBPM or Activiti
  • Strong Experience building ETL pipelines and knowledge of ETL best practices – you are no stranger to data warehousing and designing data models
  • Familiarity with data quality control tools and processes
  • Experience building decision management processes which embed traceability and auditability for users
  • An ability to build out data products & product enhancements from idea through to launch
How to apply
Send your resume to
  • Company: Finspo

  • Job type: Full time

  • Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne