Ruby Developer

Job description

We’re Crew, and we’re the exclusive Talent Partner for GreenSync.

When you join Greensync, you’re not joining a business that’s trying to “disrupt an incumbent”, trying to “crush it” or trying to “move fast and break things”.

We’re more about re-imagining the way a whole industry sector operates. We thought we were onto something and as we gained industry buy-in as well as Federal Government support, it seemed that others seem to think so too.

Simply put, our products are transforming energy grids into marketplaces. This means that amongst other benefits, our customers can avoid the significant costs and environmental impact of building additional infrastructure by leveraging energy resources that already exist.

How do we operate?

We have lofty ambitions to be the connector of millions of smart distributed energy resources, and, if we’re successful we will contribute to increasing the amount of renewable energy in the grid. We think that’s got to be a good thing for the planet and for society. This means that in our team you’ll get to work hard to solve challenging and complex problems, and do good at the same time.

We are looking for two Ruby engineers to join our team. You’ll get to take ownership of delivering features and improvements to our deX (decentralized energy exchange) platform that add meaningful value to our clients.

Whilst we operate like a startup, you’ll get to work in a team that operates the most suitable elements of Agile, Lean, Scrum and Basecamp. We’re more interested in using the right solution for the problem, not subscribing to a methodology for the sake of it. Our engineers are most interested in using the most suitable tool to solve the problem, not the latest shiny thing just because they can. We’re always open to introducing new technologies if there is a clear return on investment – after all that’s what we believe good engineering to be.

We build our systems to be deployed onto cloud infrastructure, to do this we follow the twelve-factor app methodology, our infrastructure is built and maintained in terraform, our pipelines automatically deploy through our environments.

What will you do?

You’ll get to build software in docker, run systems in Kubernetes and test the hell out of all of it.

You’ll definitely write a lot of code in Ruby, less in Golang and store information in PostgreSQL. Whilst this part is boring, deliberately so it’s because we choose to spend our time delivering product features, not fighting our tech stack.

We think our full-stack engineers will most likely have around 3 year’s experience with Ruby and will be keen to work across the whole stack. You’ll most likely love code but have an eye for good design and can turn their hands to front end work if needed.

Alternatively, you may come from a solid front end background but have an interest in across the full stack.

We think you will be:

  • A professional with a solid understanding of contemporary development processes.
  • Someone with a personal growth mindset, someone who seeks their own solutions rather than waiting to be told what to do.
  • Proud of their code, and happy to support their own products if need be.
  • A true collaborator who values the opinions and experiences of others.
  • Not afraid to ask for help.
  • Someone who believes that simple, understandable and sustainable will always win.

Our nice to haves are;

  • Experience in a remote working environment
  • Experience with platform/infrastructure development tools (e.g. GCP, Docker, Kubernetes).
  • Prior experience with front end technologies
  • Knowledge/Experience with ReactJS
  • Prior experience in a tech startup and/or a Product company

So, if working with decent human beings who are all focused on building high quality products that improve our world sounds good to you, you’ll be excited to have found a great team, a caring company and a progressive business.

Apply when you’re ready. Be sure to include all the relevant information about you that would make us think that we’d be foolish to not talk to you.

Please note that this role is based in Melbourne, however, we are happy to look at remote working arrangements for candidates on the east coast of Australia.

Everyone will get a response.

How to apply
If you are interested in this role please send a cover letter and copy of your resume to Scott Comte -
  • Company: GreenSybc

  • Job type: Full time

  • Location: Melbourne CBD

  • Remote: Remote is possible