Product Operations Specialist

Job description

Blackbird’s Founder Success team has built a number of MVP programs and products that are now ripe for scaling, and we are now looking for an organised operator to join our small but mighty team to help us build the infrastructure that underpins these initiatives.

We’ll be looking to you to optimise some of our current processes and completely overhaul others across our key community products – the Blackbird Founder Academy, Giants and the Talent Network.

Although this role is systems-first, we’re also looking for someone interested in upskilling in customer and community experience. Everything the Founder Success team at Blackbird is building is to serve our community of founders, operators, and mentors. Your technical abilities will be complemented by your desire to create incredible community experiences and put people at the centre of your work.

This role calls for a hyper-organised person who’s excited by building on a combination of new tools, quickly becoming a superuser and evangelising them to the rest of the Founder Success team.Some of the tools we currently use include Canva, Airtable, Asana, Zoom, Zapier and Notion – you don’t need to know all of these but need to be willing to jump in and discover how to best use them for our needs, plus introduce us to new platforms and ways of working.

If you love digging into the details of workflows, improving systems, testing out new tech and building in public, we want to hear from you.

About Blackbird

Blackbird is a venture capital firm whose mission is to supercharge Australia and Aotearoa’s most ambitious founders. We do this by raising venture capital funds, investing in the best startup companies and helping them succeed. We have over a billion dollars under management and a portfolio of over 60 companies, including some of the most successful Aussie and Kiwi startups such as Canva, Zoox, SafetyCulture, Dovetail, Partly and more.

We aim to be a generational owner of the companies we invest in, long after they grow beyond the startup stage. We are inspired by investment firms such as Berkshire Hathaway and Bridgewater Associates. Like the companies we back, we want to build a business that lasts for decades and produces excellent returns for our investors. Most of all, we want to support our region’s most talented founders to build category-defining technology companies.

We’ve written a lot about who we are and what we love at Blackbird – so head to our blog if you want to learn more.

Key responsibilities

The Product Operations Specialist will report to our Head of Community, Dani and work closely with our Community + Communications Manager, Mel and People Lead, Nell. You will be the engine that keeps our Founder Success programs running, and will quickly become our go-to person for optimising and scaling our Founder Success products to create delightful experiences for our community members. Some of the community programs you will work across include:

  • Giants: Early-stage founder 1:1 mentoring, founder knowledge-sharing and networks
  • Blackbird Founder Academy:A cohorted program helping our portfolio to level up
  • Talent Network: A platform connecting our portfolio’s open roles with talented people ready for a career move

Some responsibilities include:Program infrastructure building: We currently use Notion, Airtable, Zapier, Zoom, Asana and Circle – you don’t have to know all of them, but you need to be willing to learn and get joy out of optimising how we use these platforms and new ones.

Systems and automation: You’ll be in charge of automating processes across all programs and products. This means you’ll be comfortable with platform integrations, and upgrading workflows to our programs in the service of creating an awesome UX for our communities.

Data Analytics: Setting up and driving analytical insights – what is humming and optimising it. You’ll ensure our biggest goals are measurable, tracked and optimised at every stage.

Supercharged organisation: You’ll coordinate content and videos across our programs and turn them into resources platforms for Giants and Academy.

Operations: Organise outreach program operations, including calendar invites, Zoom links and event communications to our community.

Programs comms triaging: You’ll help us upgrade our communications operations for our programs through better systems and automations.

Skills we are looking for:

We’re looking for someone as passionate as us about building an iconic investment business, and joining Blackbird’s Founder Success team. It’s our team’s mission to supercharge ANZ’s most ambitious founders right at the beginning. We do this through creating programming and products for founders and operators in our portfolio and the ecosystem. You must have a high ownership mentality and the ability to take responsibility for goals and outcomes. This is a full-time role based in Sydney or Melbourne.

Recent graduates will be considered for the role alongside candidates with commercial experience.

Your background is less important than the key skills, which include:

Analytical: You will relish analysing and interpreting data to synthesise key insights and know-how to surface these insights to help optimise our programming.

Internal stakeholder management: You’ll be splitting your time across programs which means you’ll need great communication skills and a high level of organisation.

Tools: One of your superpowers include discovering new platforms and tools and being a heavy user of integrations that link these types of apps and tools together. You will have non-negotiable experience with Airtable, Notion, Zoom. Process-driven: You’ll be detail-oriented and will hunt out inefficiencies with ninja-like aptitude.

Learn-it all: The only limits are the ones you put on yourself. We’ll encourage you to up-skill in customer experience and product management and support you to take on more ownership in line with your development.Product Mindset: Can you scale it exponentially (rather than linearly)? Things that are scalable: culture, communities, protocols, languages, directories, playbooks, software etc. Things that are not scalable: service relationships.

Hospitality Mindset: In our dealings with founders and investors, we take a hospitality mindset. We serve our founders, not the other way around. We are about people, not companies. Similarly, we treat our colleagues with generosity and respect: one team, one dream.

How to apply
Apply here:
  • Company: Blackbird Ventures

  • Salary range: 80,000

  • Job type: Full time

  • Location: Melbourne