Investor Associate

Job description
  • Manager: Lauren Capelin (Principal)
  • Salary: $70k incl super

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Organise and run First Believers program
  2. Consolidate Startmate alumni’s stories to show progress over time for First Believers to capture their investment thesis
  3. Shepherd First Believers to write their first startup investment cheque

This is not an investing role per se, but a role exposing you to investment thinking. You will be designing and managing the First Believers program to expose a group of 20–100 First Believers per cohort to startup opportunities and the best investors and founders.

You have a curiosity to understand Founders and are able to tell their story. A big part of the job will be consolidating information about Founders and their Startups in a digestible format for First Believers to build their investment thesis. You are able to consolidate large amounts of information into a succinct format for First Believers to seamlessly reflect on their past choices.

Your north star will be to build First Believers’ confidence to write their first startup cheque.

How to apply by 24th Jan
  • Company: Startmate

  • Salary range: $70k incl super

  • Job type: Full time

  • Location: Victoria