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Want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup AND make a difference in the world?

A bit about us:

Hi, we’re Who Gives A Crap! We make eco-friendly toilet paper (as well as tissues and paper towels) and donate 50% of our profits to help build toilets for the 2 billion people in need.

We absolutely love doing good, but we’re also exceptionally good at it. To date, we’ve donated over AUD$8.3 million (roughly USD$5.9 million) to fund sanitation projects around the globe. We’ve grown quickly – selling directly to customers across three continents and establishing a strong B2B business that’s expanding to the US market this year. 

Our team is made up of over 100 amazing humans working out of Melbourne, Los Angeles, China, and Manila. We’re working hard to reach our ambitious goals and diversify our product range to ensure we can have the greatest impact possible – both for the planet and its people. With your help, we’re hoping to increase our annual donation 10-fold in the next couple of years and continue to make the most beautiful, eco-friendly goods around.

We’re a digitally-native team (representative of both fully remote and in-person/hub-based team members) who rely on a barrage of apps and systems to keep us on track and in touch. We <3 Slack, Zoom and the Google Suite, and we think a DIY GIF is worth a thousand words. We’ve got plug-ins on plug-ins and a desire to optimise our internal tech stack to create efficiency, remove friction and up our security game. That’s where you come in! 

A bit about the role:

As our first-ever official Internal Tech Expert, you’ll take the reins for all our tech fundamentals. This means clearing our current project list of privacy, security and access tasks. This means upping our tech smarts by defining our internal support structure and mapping out our current (and future) ecosystem of apps, users and systems. This also means (yes, there’s more!) identifying opportunities to help us enable our team to do good work with less effort and hassle. Phewf. 

Reporting into our VP of People & Culture, you’ll work cross-functionally and collaborate super closely with our Head of Digital Product, Efficiency & Collaboration Manager and Head of Special Projects. 

This is a unique opportunity to work in a high-growth startup while applying your skills to a meaningful cause. You’ll also work within a collaborative team of experienced humans who care just as much about helping their teammates grow as they do about making a difference in the world. And… we get to make toilet jokes all day.

We’re hiring this role to be based in our Melbourne office – however, we’re currently all working from our dining rooms/couches/bedrooms until further notice. 

When we consult our trusty crystal ball, it tells us your first 6-months might see you doing some things like…

  • Partner with our Efficiency & Collaboration Manager to map out our current team member onboarding experience, identifying opportunities to deliver a more seamless and secure process for setting up their tech needs. 
  • Play around in our recently-launched platform to look for a quick and easy way to streamline IT support requests (and spot some awesome integration opportunities while you’re at it). 
  • Define our success metrics and SLAs for all things privacy, security and support, and report monthly on them to ensure we’re keeping our finger on the pulse. 
  • Master the art of setting, tracking (and hitting!) quarterly OKRs for all things internal tech, ensuring you keep your key stakeholders aligned on and informed of your priorities.
  • Clear the backlog of existing security priorities, including completing our transition to universal VPN and antivirus usage, sorting out our access levels and permissions, migrating our Dropboxand overhauling our event logging process. 
  • Collaborate with our In-House Legal Counsel and Head of Talent & Engagement to update our “Bring Your Own Device” policy. 
  • Enlist the expertise of our Talent Team to help you design a hiring roadmap for your dream support crew.  
  • Help your People & Culture pals to nail the art of using Zoom Breakout Rooms,  ensuring that their next virtual escape room isn’t quite so awks.  
  • Design learning content for our Guru knowledge database with the goal of spreading your expertise and upping our smarts. 

Let’s talk about you

You live at the intersection of humans and technology, and your house is a super secure digital fortress. An expert in all things cybersecurity and privacy, you are up to speed on all of the best practice and industry-leading innovations. 

Your background might be in consulting or in-house support but either way, you know that you find joy in the opportunity to work across the full scope of internal IT needs for your team. 

Whilst not vital, some basic coding or development chops, experience within FMCG, ecommerce or retail industries and scaling of teams would all be super handy!

You’re a natural translator of technical-ese

You can geek out with the best of them but you know your value is how  you translate technical details to a wide range of stakeholders. You’ve got oodles of experience taking human problems and designing technical solutions that ensure your partners feel understood and engaged in the process. 

You’re a roll model (yes, pun intended)

You’re a natural leader. Whether directly managing a team or leading projects, you know how to bring people together, support their growth and empower and enable them to do their best work. You love to share your expertise and have experience writing processes, communications and learning content to elevate collective knowledge. 

You see the forest, and the trees

While you’ve got the innate ability to understand and work with a whole ecosystem of apps, users and systems,  you’re easily able to see each tree and know the value that comes with diving into the functionality of just one system. 

You give a crap

Yep. We’re all here because we genuinely want to make the world a better place with our work, and we want you to want that too! Awwww.

Why you should work with us

Every minute you spend working with us, you’re making a difference. The more we grow, the bigger an impact we’ll have. Sell your soul no longer! We think that’s a pretty great perk, but we don’t stop there…


If you have a great idea, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. This is the kind of role that will be hard to find anywhere else: you’ll work with an incredible bunch of passionate people to grow a fast-paced startup at a crucial point in its trajectory.


The job is also amazingly flexible, something we feel fortunate to have embedded in our team pre-COVID. We started the business remotely, and now have “hubs” in 4 cities around the world. Historically, the Melbourne team spent a few days of the week together in our coworking space in Collingwood and we’re looking forward to seeing each other in person again one day soon. 


This depends on your experience but just because we’re a profit-for-purpose business doesn’t mean you’ll get paid peanuts. Think chocolate covered macadamia nuts with some extra perks thrown in. In other words, we pay competitively against market benchmarks and are determined to make this the best job you’ll ever have – you won’t ever want to leave!

On top of the basics like annual leave, we also provide flexibility to take extra unpaid leave or travel while working, truly flexible schedules, a health insurance stipend, generous parental leave, training and development budget and a whole lot of other stuff. And did we mention the free toilet paper?

Lastly, you get to say the word ‘crap’ more than in any other job. Guaranteed.

How to apply
Please apply via our jobs page:
  • Company: Who Gives A Crap

  • Job type: Full time

  • Location: Melbourne

  • Remote: Remote is possible