Head of Customer Success

Job description

Raisely powers online fundraising for ambitious charities across the world. We’re a mission-driven remote team, spread across 5 countries and 7 cities. 

We’re growing rapidly, but we’re not just any high-growth startup. Here you’ll have the flexibility of working from wherever you’re happy, supported by a passionate, talented team. You’ll use your skills to help charities of all sizes raise money to fund their important work, all while building a well-balanced company that puts values first.

If you’re excited about the challenge of a high-growth startup, and want your work to have a huge impact on the world, then we hope you’ll consider working with us.

A bit about us:

We’re Raisely! We help charities raise money online. Our platform helps charities build fundraising campaigns, run donation appeals, and nurture their supporters. We make it easy to get started and scale-up, without needing technical help.

We started Raisely because charities have been underserved by technology for too long. We set out to change that, and so far we’ve helped raise over $100m.

We’re a team of 13-turning-20 as we rapidly grow our company (and impact). With your help, we’re hoping to raise $1bn in the next few years and rapidly scale out, supporting charities small and large in countries across the world.

Oh and one more thing. We walk this impact talk. We’re a proud B-corp, and purpose is baked into our constitution. We’re carbon neutral, and we’re starting our anti-racism journey to ensure we’re actively undoing centuries of systemic racism.

A bit about the role:

As our Head of Customer Success you’ll lead our incredible customer success team. The brief is simple, ensure every charity who uses Raisely is able to hit their fundraising goals.

You’ll develop onboarding journeys (automatic and manual) that set campaigns up for success, ensure we’re providing customer support that people rave about, help new charities start on Raisely, and devise plans to ensure we’re continuing to provide them with value for every year to come.

You’ll be a mentor to our customer success team, and be responsible for expanding our team as we grow. You’ll make sure that our success team is operating smoothly, and that every interaction a customer has with us is helping them hit their impact goals.

Reporting directly to our CEO, you’ll work across our company to ensure that customer experience plays a key role in every decision we make. You’ll identify opportunities to improve, and help steer our team towards our ambitious growth goals.

Ideally, this is a full-time role based in Australia. However if you’re based elsewhere that’s in a compatible timezone and feel you’re a perfect fit, we’re still interested in hearing from you.

If you worked here over the past few months, you might have:

  • Devised, wrote, and set up an automatic onboarding journey for different customer segments.
  • Worked with your team to roll out major updates to our product documentation and how-to guides.
  • Evaluated our onboarding process for large customers, and implemented a new process that works even better for everyone.
  • Collaborated with our engineering team to ensure an overhaul of our developer docs was strategic and well-supported by your team.
  • Participated in our week-long virtual retreat, where you learnt how sneaky your teammates can be in Among Us!
  • Identified the need for new teammates, and then hired for those roles.
  • Worked on setting key goals for the team, and distilled those down into OKRs which you regularly monitored and reported back to your team.
  • Nutted out and implemented strategies with your team to bring down our inbox response times.
  • Beat your teammates in trivia while wearing an elf costume.
  • Run 1-on-1s with your team to make sure they have everything they need to smash it in their roles.
  • Rolled up your sleeves and jumped in to help customers with some tricky problems when things got busy.
  • Wrote a product pitch to make a new Raisely template that you think will make Raisely more self-service.

Now about you…

You’re an expert in building and running customer success teams

You’ve been there before. You’ve played a senior role in a customer success team in a SaaS company, and now you’re ready to take everything you’ve learnt and apply it to a growing team making an impact. You get what it means to be customer-obsessed, and you can’t turn off the part of your brain that’s always looking for ways to make things better for them. You get support metrics, support inboxes, escalations, how-to guides. You know what works, and you know how to figure out the rest.

You’re curious and entrepreneurial

You know that in a small team, you will need to get your hands dirty. You have no problem being spare capacity when your team needs it. You fix problems when you see them. You should be curious about code, and want to understand how every part of our application works.

You’re a superb communicator

Ok, you may not be a budding novelist but you love words and you know how to communicate things clearly, succinctly and effectively. ‘Cause after all, written communication is what we live and breathe in a remote team, and in customer success. You’ll need to be able to write everything from a help doc breaking down complex concepts, to a crafty email to our customers in our brand voice.

You’re good under pressure

When everything’s broken, you’re the cool cucumber who keeps people together. You can handle stressful situations with ease, can plan out your moves, and work towards a resolution for everyone involved.

You’re a brilliant mentor

You’re a good manager – and by that we don’t mean dishing out tasks. You are a natural teacher, you support your team as they learn, and will be advocates for their growth and ambitions. You should have experience successfully managing a growing team.

You care about making a difference

Yeah, we’re all here because we want to make the world better (and by that we mean a carbon neutral utopia with world peace and just laws, where all people are treated the same with equal opportunity to thrive). So you’ve gotta want that too!

Ok, and why work with us?

You spend nearly 2000 hours of your life at work, each year. That’s a huge commitment, so we can promise that every hour you’re spending with Raisely, you’re making the world a better place. Pretty great perk, hey?

Plus, the more you help us grow, the bigger our impact gets. And by that we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars big.

Working at Raisely is unique. If you have a great idea, we’ll help you make it happen. You’ll play a pivotal role with an awesome team at a crucial point in the history of our fast-growing company.

If you needed more convincing, here’s the rest of it:

💵 Salary – We try to pay above-average salaries, adjusted for where you live and your experience. Depending on experience, this role pays AU$121,000 – $143,000 a year (including super).

📈 Ownership – We are focussed on building Raisely as a team, so we’ll offer you the chance to be a part-owner of the company with our Employee Share Scheme.

💻 Technology – We’ll get you a laptop and screen when you start, plus help you set up your home office.

✈️ Retreats – Every 6-ish months we fly you somewhere pretty for our team retreats. (Once we’re safely able to again)

🗺 Annual Leave – Everyone gets 4 weeks paid leave plus 11 days of public holidays, to be taken when you like. Plus, you are entitled to generous paid sick leave.

🌴 Work remotely – We’re a remote-first company – live and work wherever you’re happiest. We’ll cover a coworking space if you’d like to work there.

Flexibility – We’ll work with you to figure out hours that work with you, and we’re flexible when life gets in the way.

🤷 Training – We’ll support you with time when you want to learn new skills or pay for conference or course tickets.

How to apply
You’ve got this far! We really want to hear from you. To apply, email jobs@raisely.com with your CV and cover letter. Use the subject line “Head of Customer Success”. In your cover letter, include short answers to the following: 1) What was it about this job opportunity that made you apply? 2) We know you could rave on about this for hours, but in your experience, what are your top 3 ingredients for an incredible customer experience? 3) You’ve been around the traps a bit and you probably have loads of stories about the things you nailed, but what’s one time you didn’t get it right first go, and how did you go about learning from that? 4) We’re sure you’ve signed up for products before just to see how they run their customer success and product onboarding (...or is that just us?). What’s the one thing you see over and over again that just grinds your gears? What do people get wrong? We know with diversity comes strength. We want Raisely to be a team of many races, nationalities, sexualities, gender identities, religious beliefs, abilities, and ideas. We particularly encourage indigenous people, first nations, people in minority groups, people with disability, or people without the economic advantage of higher education, to apply for our roles.
  • Company: Raisely

  • Salary range: 121,000-143,000

  • Job type: Full time

  • Location: All Locations

  • Remote: Remote is possible