Event Producer – Pause Fest 2020

Job description

About Pause Fest

Pause Fest is the world’s leading creativity-infused business event.

A catalyst for change, a uniter of all industries, Pause Fest is a platform for the future.

We’ve been described as “Australasia’s SXSW” and as “Woodstock for digital natives” (shucks!).

Pause Fest is barely an event. It’s a destination! Part personal and professional development, inspiring, eco-system connecting, part mind-blowing, all exceptionally extraordinary.

In 2019, we welcomed over 400 startups, 1500 businesses and over 24 media outlets from across Australia.

In fact, over the course of nine years, our event has seen 65,000 movers, shakers and creative change-makers come through its doors.

Find out more at http://www.pausefest.com.au


We are looking for the right candidate with the following attributes:

  1. Commitment to grow the event to the global scale, and keep it premium.
  2. People first. Like in the hospitality, you need to love working with people.
  3. Open to learn new skills, help others and kick goals.

Who are you?

You’re a self-driven, highly motivated and engaged individual with experience in dynamic environments, building and tracking master budget, people and stakeholder management, conference and expo setups, briefing, logistics, sponsorships. You will be able to see and predict things from above, below and from the side.

This position requires not only exceptional verbal and written skills but also understanding how sponsorships are activated. You will need to demonstrate that you have a valid skills and experience in producing events from end-to-end. You will thrive in logistics, planning, executing, managing and Google Spreadsheets.

You’ll be a master organiser who is able to brief volunteers, speakers and key stakeholders, sponsors, captaining the ship and making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be – you are the boss.

You will also be able to manage all external supplies, and keep internal WIP meetings once a week, drive conversations, point out the potential issues, bring solutions and negotiate down costs.

A great detail in Google sheets is a must. Being able to track everything, keep everyone in line and communicate well planned event strategy to your team and partners is of essence.

You’ll be a strong and motivational team leader who is able to work independently, on your own, and be great team asset. You will be reporting directly to Director.

What will I be doing?

  1. You are running end-to-end festival operations and delivery to ensure all events and segments are delivered from planning, operations to execution.
  2. Regular reporting in weekly WIP and project team communications via Slack / Trello etc. for the internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Work with the Director on responsive daily basis, to share ongoing, pending and upcoming tasks to keep production on track.
  4. Negotiate hard to get the best quotes and deals. Source minimum three quotes and engage in detail briefing to suppliers.
  5. Deliver festival under the set budget. Forecast full festival budget upfront, then update it on the go. Plan from the final master budget from previous year with the Director.
  6. Develop and update event timelines and keep the whole team and external suppliers responsible for their deliverables.
  7. Oversee planning and execution of all elements such as: marketing, legal/finance, sponsorship, programming, design, ticket sales…
  8. Keep everyone on the team informed about all developments, structural changes, budgeting issues, or any new additions well ahead of their time.
  9. Hire, train, schedule and supervise production teams, new staff, freelancers,
  10. Interns, volunteers. Not just at the event but also in the lead-up if required, such as video editors, copywriters, photographers, designers…
  11. Update the existing or create new briefing and training documents with your own personal style, needs and ideas for Stage Managers, Volunteers, Expo, Sponsors…
  12. Interact and work with key stakeholders such as government and sponsors in a personal and friendly manner befitting Pause Fest.
  13. Oversee and develop festival styling (furniture) plan and stage look and feel with Event Agency/ Venue or the internal team.
  14. Develop event floor plan for all areas and expo in collaboration with all stakeholders.
  15. Oversee preparation of the venue during the bump-in and out time.
  16. Build and schedule post-event surveys with Program Manager and Marketing team.
  17. Organise killer Opening and Closing parties, book performers, artists and DJ’s and make sure the parties are the talk in the town. Manage and produce VIP Breakfast, Penthouse Speakeasy, Welcome Dinner and mini Retreat side events. Manage Motion Response and any other not yet known event or programming segment.
  18. Create and maintain a detailed production log in Google Sheets (or Mondays, Asana etc) to track visually progress of operations. Print and pin big calendar on walls.
  19. Write a detailed post-event document linked in with every brief, production folder, final files, briefing documents and details of process that may assist in accelerating future production.
  20. Assist with artists, photographers, performer, speakers, government and sponsor logistics including builds, technical and staging requirements.
  21. Implement and run smooth registration process and FOH with volunteers. Organise lanyards and badges assembly for collection.
  22. Be adaptable to a flexible work schedule including evenings, weekends during the busy seasonal times.
  23. Venue management, Stage and Venue runsheets, AV/Tech coordination and on-site technical rehearsals.
  24. Manage special invites for side events and guest lists.
  25. Manage the relationship between Pause Fest and Event Agency or external Production Company if any for logistics and quality delivery of the entire festival.
  26. Understand the marketing, ticket sales and programming aspects and it’s timelines in ensuring to deliver profitable event as well as great on-site experience.
  27. Execute a killer event and plan it’s future growth, expansion and global domination.

Required Skills

  1. Customer service obsessed.
  2. Excellent communication, briefing and management skills.
  3. Solid experience as an Event Producer is a must.
  4. Excellent organisational and time management skills.
  5. Excellent budgeting and reporting skills.
  6. Bring your networks and suppliers to the forth.
  7. Ability to manage stakeholder relationships at senior level in national and international operating environments.
  8. Develop highly structured processes and detailed documentation.
  9. Independent problem solver – don’t bring the problem up until you have a solution.
  10. Calm in the face of craziness and a get shit done attitude.
How to apply
Please send your CV to info@pausefest.com.au
  • Company: Pause Festival Australia Pty Ltd
  • Job type: Contract
  • Job role: Event Producer
  • Salary range: Negotiable. Depending on the experience.
  • Location: Melbourne CBD