Community Operations Manager

Job description

Your Mission

Startmate supercharges the most ambitious founders and operators. The Community Operations Manager’s mission is to empower a community of 300+ founders, 100+ mentors and 40+ fellows and be the voice of Startmate.

Your mission will be to get your hands dirty standing up intimate breakfasts all the way up to 1,000+ Demo Days events, taking the Fellowship to its next level to run a full program of 20+ fellows twice a year and own the outreach function at Startmate.

Outcomes You’ll Be Driving

  1. Events

    Leaning in to create Startmate’s magic moments at various events you will be organising, including

    • Intimate breakfast events

    • Monthly SM Family drinks

    • Accelerator and fellowship interview days

    • 4x 500+ people Demo Days

  2. Fellowship

    Work with CEO to develop the fellowship program to

    • 20-30 fellows twice a year

    • at 80+ NPS and

    • 50% of fellows landing their dream job

    • Finding and closing potential startups to hire our Fellows

  3. Outreach

    Owning the voice of Startmate to make it a household name for startup ambition

    • Maintain close relationships with ecosystem players

    • Coordinating all marketing including the newsletter, updating the website and ensuring our external brand reflects everything we do at Startmate

    • Owning social media and PR to help us reach new audiences

    • Ensuring Startmate is inclusive and doing its part in improving diversity in startups

What You Excel At

Getting things done

Ability to juggle a hundred balls without dropping a single one – organising events, coordinating vendors, managing event admin all the way to running a life-changing experience with the Fellowship program, and managing marketing and media at the same time

Communications and stakeholder management

Ability to clearly communicate, resolve conflicts, negotiate partnerships, and maintain hundreds of relationships

Learn it all – thrive on feedback

Here are some of the things we love about working at Startmate:

  • Daily contact with the best founders, mentors, operators and investors in Australia

  • Inclusive and caring team who help each other grow and develop as people and as professionals

  • Work from Sydney or Melbourne and travel to San Francisco to learn from the best startup talent in the world

  • A constant masterclass in startup operations and a behind the scenes view into the world of early-stage venture capital investing

  • The feeling of making the right connection or giving the right feedback to help a founder and fellow to unleash their talent and ideas on the world

How to apply
  • Company: Startmate

  • Job type: Full time

  • Salary range: 80-100k

  • Location: Melbourne or Sydney