Commercial Product Owner – RMIT Activator

Job description

RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise. Our mission is to help shape the world through research, innovation, teaching and engagement, and to create transformative experiences for our students, getting them ready for life and work.

RMIT Activator plays a vital role in driving entrepreneurship and innovation across RMIT and beyond. We are a small startup team, living and breathing the entrepreneurial way.

We were created to provide a platform for students to launch startups. We still do that. But now we do much more. We also design and deliver really progressive and cutting-edge educational experiences and products, we support innovation outcomes for commercial clients, and we are slowly but surely pushing entrepreneurship into all corners of RMIT. We are pioneers, and we are ambitious.

Yes, you’re still keen? Read on to hear about the role.

The Product and Education team is responsible for designing and delivering entrepreneurship and enterprise-related programs, products and solutions to a broad set of audiences – current RMIT students and staff, RMIT alumni, and fee-paying public. And in 2019 we have a mandate to take our immense value and put it to use in a commercial context. This role is crucial to this success.

You will be the key driver of Activators commercial success by scoping out new opportunities and supporting in the delivery of those opportunities. You are integral to Activator becoming the ‘front door’ to industry by managing educational and innovation product lifecycles for key commercial partners. We are sitting on so much value, and you will be one to uncover it and utilise it.

You will be required to engage with a range of key decision makers and stakeholders, and ‘connect the dots’ throughout RMIT and into external clients and partners.

You will also be required to design product roadmaps and execute product delivery plans with the help of a design and delivery team. You will be making key strategic decisions on product development strategy.

Ok, and then there’s you.

Ideally you will be sitting on the fence – education on one side, innovation solutions on the other. You will have experience in delivering enterprise-scale innovation and/or educational solutions. You will also have experience across both the private and university sectors. Understanding the specific complexities of the uni environment is pretty important. You will be a master communicator, community builder and buy-in generator. The network effect is real. And you will great at building relationships and managing stakeholders. Important to this role will be a thirst for improvement and you will bring with you an iterative, lean product development mindset. You will always be looking to take your professional game to the next level. You’re passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, and learning. You can also ‘speak the language’ of technology and lead digital change. Driven, ambitious and enthusiastic, you enjoy taking on complex autonomous tasks and ‘making it happen’. You are happy to go that extra mile.

You believe in the power of education and you genuinely want to better prepare people for an evolving and complex future workplace.

Oh, and before you go.

You’ll be joining a flexible, open and encouraging environment. We work hard and are passionate about what we do. But we also really value side hustles, personal projects and creative outlets – that makes us who we are. We will invest in your success and you’ll be supported to pursue your areas of interests. Sound good? We’d love to have you on board.

How to apply
To apply click this link: Please send us a CV, cover letter telling us about yourself and your experience, and how this experience will set you up for success in this role. For further information or to view a position description visit and search using job reference number 572722
  • Company: RMIT Activator
  • Job type:
  • Job role: Commercial Product Owner
  • Salary range: HEW 9 - Approx. $111,645 p/a
  • Location: Melbourne CBD
  • Remote: