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Can you remember the last time you had an excellent experience whilst using your business bank account? Yep, we didn’t think so.

In Australia, business banking is fundamentally broken. The Big 4 Banks simply don’t focus enough attention or resources to adequately serve their business customers, choosing instead to re-skin basic consumer products and jack up the price. For business customers, it’s like driving a Volkswagen but getting billed for a Rolls-Royce.

Banks today offer a product that really leaves all the legwork for you. Once you get an account and a login, you never hear from your bank again.  No insights, no forecasts and frankly nothing to help you grow and make your business outperform. There has got to be a better way!

About Thrive

Thrive is a smart business banking account that empowers businesses to grow and succeed. Think of it like the CFO in your pocket – helping you maximise the money you have, and also make more money from the business you run.

At the core of Thrive is a simple, intuitive and automated business bank account. Using the data and insights from this account, Thrive offers intelligent value-adds like expense tracking, invoicing, reconciling, payroll and more. These tools help win back time for busy business owners, but more importantly allow them to plan for the future with real confidence.

These valuable features are made possible by our blank-sheet technical stack, which leverages AI & ML fed by a real-time stream of data from the core business bank account. No legacy systems, no antiquated bank technology – just a fresh new approach.

And that’s where you come in. We’re searching for a creative and talented CMO that shares in our vision to help businesses thrive, and has the hunger to grow our brand and build an effective

The Role

We’re looking for a super creative, passionate and data driven CMO to really drive Thrive’s growth within the business market. We plan to focus on community-driven, partner-driven and marketing-driven approaches to ensure our product is the preferred choice of businesses across Australia.

The Marketing department must be constantly innovating and trying new ways to grow Thrive faster and more effectively.

You must have a deep understanding of our users, their needs and pain points, and leverage the right marketing channels to hit them. We believe that the product is needed by everyone, so if they understand it well, they will use it.

The CMO’s responsibilities include:

  • Preparing and executing a digital marketing strategy to support Thrive’s growth strategy
  • Drive sign ups and paid tier registration of high quality customers who stick
  • Ensuring best possible spend optimisation across channels to meet performance goals
  • Being customer and results obsessed to ensure we are maximising our message and brand
  • Defining the digital channel mix, its execution and testing
  • Ensuring synergy, consistency and alignment between marketing campaigns
  • Working with the product team to ensure marketing reflects our product developments
  • Build a strong marketing engine across tracking, attribution, automation, and optimisation
  • Using a data-driven methodology to improve effectiveness in all marketing paid channels
  • Identifying, evaluating and establishing effective channel and referral partnerships
  • Leveraging PR and influencer marketing to augment our paid marketing activities
  • Developing a strategy inline with product to cross-sell and up-sell on our owned channels
  • Building a referral and viral loop to acquire customers efficiently and maintaining a low CAC
  • Defining our content marketing strategy including blogs, events, videos and speaking
  • Overseeing customer marketing communications across email, push and SMS

Experience required:

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in digital and performance marketing on client or agency side
  • In depth knowledge of performance campaign execution with special focus on: Google, Facebook, Affiliate networks and SEO with proven track record of successfully executed campaigns
  • Ability to make a tight budget stretch with creative execution and intelligent strategies
  • Proven ability to track CAC, conversion, revenue and LTV diligently to hit agreed targets
  • Experience setting up channel and referral partnerships to drive acquisition
  • Comfortable getting hands dirty but can equally communicate progress updates to the board
  • Conducted user research, focus groups and other ethnographic research to define key messages
  • Very good understanding of digital data analytics and programmatic platforms.

Leadership principles:

  • Fast execution: You have a bias for action and a preference to get things done
  • Collaborative: You like to work with people and team members get excited to work with you
  • Accountable: You don’t sit back and wait, you take things and drive them to completion
  • Passion for customers: You love reading feedback, acting on it and helping customers thrive
  • Continuous Improvement: You never settle for the status quo. You keep improving always
  • People development: You take pride in hiring excellent talent and helping them grow.
  • Proactive: You don’t wait to be told what to do. You just go and do it. No ifs, not buts…
How to apply
Head to to submit an application.
  • Company: Thrive

  • Job type: Full time

  • Location: Melbourne CBD